Currently I'm working on a story that involves a trial case, which is done from the perspective of a witness. I have been doing research on the British legal system to have an idea of how the Ministry is possibly run, but I still need help for how a trial actually works. I found this thread, but I still have some unanswered questions.

To give you an idea of what the defendant is accused of: "conspiracies against the Ministry, assault of an Auror, stealing confidential papers, use of the Cruciatus Curse and other curses, the attempted murder of ______, and for keeping Miss Weasley hostage for the course of five months." Miss Weasley (OC) is the witness and she happens to be in a romantic relationship with the defendant (known to all). The main argument is that the defendant was under "duress of circumstances" (meaning it was a necessity to do what he did) because of a Pureblood Alliance Contract, which if he didn't follow through with, it would result in Miss Weasley's death.

- During a witness' time in court, what exactly happens? (i.e. questions asked, process, etc.)
- After the witness has presented what the know, are they allowed to leave the country or do they have to stay until the trial has finished?
- Would it be logical in Wizarding court to have "guilty until proven innocent"?
- How long does a trial last (average)?

I know I have more questions, and I'll put them here once I remember.

Thank you.

- Mercy