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Thread: Quick Fire Recommend A Lesser-Known Story Challenge

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    Quick Fire Recommend A Lesser-Known Story Challenge

    Occasionally, you come across fics that make you go 'wow' but that for some reason don't have that many reads or reviews. This challenge is to give those stories some more attention. It's a Quick Fire Challenge, because it is only going to be open for a week, so you've got to get moving

    To enter this challenge, I would like you to find a fic which you feel is underappreciated (I am not going to set a criteria for this but just try and pick stories that have got only a handful of reviews or a couple of hundred reads) and do several things:

    1. Write a recommendation for the fic, telling a reader why they ought to read it - is it a particularly well-written story, is the characterisation/plot/etc especially good, what appealed to you about it? This should be quite a detailed few paragraphs, really going in to detail about the fic - for previous entries please see the Hall of Records.
    2. Link to a review you have left for this fic. It can be one you have left previously but it should be more than just a one-liner, though at the same time does not have to be SPEW worthy - just provide some good feedback saying what you like and some suggestions for improvement

    Up to ten points will be awarded for participation in this challenge, depending on the quality of the entry (feedback will be given, time allowing).

    In addition I will award 5 points to the three people who I feel have done the best job overall in the challenge


    • For an entry to be considered, you must complete both parts
    • I am looking for good quality, well-thought recommendations – Maximum points will only be awarded to those who I feel have put an appropriate amount of effort into their entry. Examples of previous entries can be found in the Hall of Records
    • You should always be respectful of an author or other users in your posts and recommendations
    • All forum rules apply, including no off-site links, which means all recommended stories should be archived on MNFF.
    • You may enter more than once if you wish

    If you have any questions, please contact me through PM

    To enter, please use the following form:

    PHP Code:
    B]Title/Author of Story (including link)
    B]Link to Review:[/B
    The Challenge will close on the 27th June at 12pm GMT, at which point it will be closed and I will judge and award points.

    Have Fun

    Please spread the word about this challenge throughout your houses!

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    Name: Amanda / ahattab33
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title/Author of Story (including link):Good Night, Albus, by Gmarian


    This is a wonderful take on Albus Potter's life and development. Starting in his first year, this piece is made up of a series of prompts detailing important moments in his life.

    This story was written as part of the Ravenclaw Almost-Gauntlet, and each prompt is treated as a separate moment in Albus' life. The prompts are marvelously blended into a well developed characterization of a canon character that we don't know much about. All that is known about Albus is what we learn in the epilogue--this story greatly expands upon who he is based upon that information. It is a very believable, very well thought-out treastie of his life.

    Aside from being a great piece of characterization, this piece is well-written and full of little surprises and treats. This is not your traditional Albus Potter story--concerning his friendships, his sorting, and his sexuality. The treatment of slash is handled tastefully and believably--I would even call it delicately. It is not overbearing, but serves to contribute to the development and flow with the rest of the prompts.

    Overall, the moments chosen from Albus' life serve to paint a picture of a boy who becomes a man, of the relationships that his life center around, and of the importance of family and friends.
    Link to Review: Review

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    Padfoot Patronus
    Name: Akay/Padfoot Patronus
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title/Author of Story: Blue by rockinfaerie

    Blue is actually one of the series of fiction quartet that rockinfaerie intends to write (also written are Green and Red. This author's biggest strength is convincing characterisation. The chapters are sort of character studies, reflecting on the most important, turning events of the character's life. And that usually is very hard, because it means you must understand them really well, but the author takes this challenge, and I surely was left in awe of the work.

    When you read this story there are numerous references to everyday, real life experiences that we have. It just feels nice when you can relate with something said in a story. It makes it personal. And personal is good, because it shows the writer's true ability in writing about real, human feelings, human emotions.

    rockinfaerie is a descriptive writer. There are paragraphs after paragraphs of descriptions: scenary, feelings, and a lot of the plot just progresses in that manner. So Blue is certainly a must read for those who like descriptive narrative.

    One more thing I noticed in the works of this author is the choice of scene that are written/included. An author mustn't always have to write pages and pages of story to make a point. The reason Blue and other fictions by rockinfaerie keep me engaged is because the scene in which the character is written makes a very important statement about the character. And that when explored in detail is what keeps the reader hooked.

    Blue is about two relatively major character in the series Petunia and Remus, and nothing very persuasive, powerful comes to my mind when I think of them, but it's done incredibly in this story, thus changing the average mindset that there may still be so much potential in a character you first think you don't know much about.
    Link to Review: Here

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    Name: Kara
    House: Gryffindor
    Title/Author of Story (including link): A Broken Hallelujah by kumydabookworm (Miss K). Careful! This story is Professor's rated and has warnings for Sexual Situations and Profanity.
    This is a oneshot and the first story Kumy has uploaded since her return. Although it is a rather short story, you get the feeling that it isn't at all short when you read it; not because it's boring, but - on the contrary - because so much happens, although not in the usual sense of "action". This story shows something we rarely see in fanfiction - the relationship between Charlie and Bill Weasley, and how one boy can grow away from another while the other still clings to him and craves for his care and approval.

    And twisted in that line of... development, each glimpsing through the other every now and then is a different one, the present, a more active plotline. Those two (or much more) lines together make this fic as incredibly intense as it is short.

    This is not a story for people who like a "happy world" scenario, but it is a great story in any way. I read it about two weeks ago, and I still haven't got it out of my head. It just leaves you with an odd feeling, and it gets you thinking - about nothing in particular, but thinking in general. Kumy really does have a way of showing emotions and relationships with little words, and there is always another layer to what she writes. And that - the many layers and the deepness of her thoughts and writing - make this story highly interesting, and I have no idea why it doesn't get much more attention.
    Link to Review: Review
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    using rare and complicated words
    Name: Equinox Chick
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title/Author of Story Oread,walking by Seren
    This story was recommended at The Black Lake to be read on Audiofics. I recorded it a few months ago because I was entranced by the tale. It is written in a way that begs to be read aloud, but on reading you get sucked into a totally plausible tale about Hermione and Cedric. Yes, a rare-pair. Now I'm a canon-type-of-girl and not fond of anything totally new, but the way Seren writes this it is totally believable. Too often rare-pairs seem to be the work of a raffle *coughmycupidstorycough*, but this just seems very natural.
    Oread, walking is an older story which may be why it has been overlooked. It has twenty three reviews, but only one hundred and eighty-seven reads. That's approximately 15% of readers reviewing - which is extremely good going.
    I implore you to read this; it is incredible.
    Link to Review: clickie


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    I promised I would at least get these points in before the end of term, and here I am, just in time! Below I've written a brief comment followed by your points for everyone. (though you were all great!)

    ahattab33 – Your recommendation was wonderful! It gave me just enough info about the story – who it was about, plot elements such as the slash, etc – without giving away the actual story. And you also explained what you liked about it well. Your review was also lovely and gave the author some nice feedback, though maybe could have used a little bit more. – 5 points for recommendation + 4 for review = 9 points

    Padfoot Patronus – A great recommendation! You really told me what was good about it and provided plenty of reasons to like it. It would have been nice to have been told a bit more about what it was about earlier on, because while you explained what the author did right and what was good about the fic very well, I didn’t fully understand what it was about until you mentioned the names of the characters right at the end. You transferred you recommendation aimed at a reader into a review aimed at an author very well and gave a great review. 4 points for recommendation + 5 for review = 9 points

    Karaley Dargen – I liked your recommendation. You hinted to the fact that a lot happens in the plot without giving away what, which is intriguing. You also gave enough information about the characters and tone of the piece to prepare a reader for what they are about to click on. Your review was also good and you told the author what you liked but it would have been nice to see a little bit more of your feelings on this fic in the review. 5 points for recommendation + 4 for review = 9 points

    Equinox Chick – Your recommendation was a little bit short but interesting. It gave the reader some information about the plot and what to expect from the story as well as explaining how the rare-pair actually works out. It would have been nice to see a bit more about the actual writing/plot, but I am still intrigued to read so it worked! The review is also lovely and gives the author some great feedback but again would have been better with a bit more development. 4 points for recommendation + 4 for review = 8 points.

    I know I said the three best would received an extra 5 points but as there were only four of you, I couldn't possibly pick, and therfore you will all receive a bonus five points - just for being so great!

    Therefore totals are:

    ahattab33 - 14
    Padfoot Patronus - 14
    Equinox Chick - 13
    Total - 41

    Karaley Dargen - 14
    Total - 14

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