Occasionally, you come across fics that make you go 'wow' but that for some reason don't have that many reads or reviews. This challenge is to give those stories some more attention. It's a Quick Fire Challenge, because it is only going to be open for a week, so you've got to get moving

To enter this challenge, I would like you to find a fic which you feel is underappreciated (I am not going to set a criteria for this but just try and pick stories that have got only a handful of reviews or a couple of hundred reads) and do several things:

  1. Write a recommendation for the fic, telling a reader why they ought to read it - is it a particularly well-written story, is the characterisation/plot/etc especially good, what appealed to you about it? This should be quite a detailed few paragraphs, really going in to detail about the fic - for previous entries please see the Hall of Records.
  2. Link to a review you have left for this fic. It can be one you have left previously but it should be more than just a one-liner, though at the same time does not have to be SPEW worthy - just provide some good feedback saying what you like and some suggestions for improvement

Up to ten points will be awarded for participation in this challenge, depending on the quality of the entry (feedback will be given, time allowing).

In addition I will award 5 points to the three people who I feel have done the best job overall in the challenge


  • For an entry to be considered, you must complete both parts
  • I am looking for good quality, well-thought recommendations – Maximum points will only be awarded to those who I feel have put an appropriate amount of effort into their entry. Examples of previous entries can be found in the Hall of Records
  • You should always be respectful of an author or other users in your posts and recommendations
  • All forum rules apply, including no off-site links, which means all recommended stories should be archived on MNFF.
  • You may enter more than once if you wish

If you have any questions, please contact me through PM

To enter, please use the following form:

PHP Code:
B]Title/Author of Story (including link)
B]Link to Review:[/B
The Challenge will close on the 27th June at 12pm GMT, at which point it will be closed and I will judge and award points.

Have Fun

Please spread the word about this challenge throughout your houses!