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Thread: Lily Luna Potter-centric Plot Bunny in Need of Home - ADOPTED

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    Lily Luna Potter-centric Plot Bunny in Need of Home - ADOPTED

    As I have simply too many stories going on right now, but I would love to see one like this, I figured I would post a thread:

    Characters involved: Lily Luna Potter, James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter, Rose Weasley, Hugo Weasley, Harry & Ginny Potter. Mainly Hugo, Lily, Harry, & Ginny though.

    Mood of plot bunny: Happy, Cheerful

    Plot line: Lily Luna is the youngest child of the famous Harry Potter. As his only daughter, she's in for a wild ride even before she starts Hogwarts. After James, Albus, and Rose leave on September 1, their cousin Hugo comes to stay with the Potters while his parents are on holiday in France. What are two nine year olds to do for two months by themselves? They explore the attic when they come across an unknown, shabby book discovered to be Lily's Laws for Living. It was written by a woman named Lily Evans when she was a child, and explained what she did when on holiday so as to not seem suspicious. Lily Luna and Hugo read this, and find all of Lily Evans's adventures and advice. It's like Lily's journal, and contains her experiences from the day seh found out she was a witch to the day she graduated Hogwarts. Using Lily Evans's life as a guide, Lily Luna and Hugo have adventures in their small town throughout those two years that they wait for their letters to come.

    Other details: I imagine the whole story to be called Lily's Laws for Living, but I imagine there are better titles than that. It takes place starting right after the epilogue, and at Kings Cross I imagine Ron and Hermione leaving for their trip right from the station. It's been planned for a few weeks. So when Hugo and Lily go back to the Potters, they explore the attic and find Lily Evans's book. Miss Evans's guide is basically like a survival guide, for Lily Potter & Hugo's magical abilities have been showing more than ever. Whenever Harry & Ginny take them somewhere, such as shopping or to get ice cream, there's always an adventure in store for them. I see this going from the epilogue to Lily & Hugo's first day of school. As to how Harry got his mother's guide, I think Sirius would have somehow managed to get it. Perhaps James sent it to him when he knew the Potters were marked for death, and told Sirius to give it to Harry one day? I'm sure whoever adopts this will have a good idea for it!


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    I must not adopt the bunny...I must not adopt the bunny...I must not adopt the bunny...

    Oh, screw it to the sticking place! I want this bunny, and I promise to take good care of it!

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    Ha, Molly. So funny. Go ahead! *gently hands Molly bunny* I can't wait to see this!


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    I finished the first chapter, I'm just waiting to hear back from one of my betas.

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    I just put the first chapter into the queue, at long last! So hopefully it should be up on the archives very soon.

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    Just letting the world know that this adopted bunny is all grown up and is a story on the MNFF archives.

    Lily's Laws for Living


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