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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge #2 - Results!

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    Name: Blossomlily
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: To try or not to try
    Words: 425
    Warnings: None

    “So, are we in on this together?” said James in a half-whisper. “Are we unanimously agreed that we will take this on?”

    It was nearly midnight, and James, Sirius and Peter were huddled together in the chilly, deserted common room. The only light was streaming in from the full moon outside the window.

    “I am,” said Sirius at once. “I think we can do this.”

    The two looked at Peter. A hundred thoughts were flooding Peter’s head at that moment. His heart began to thud nervously against his ribcage – he didn’t know what he wanted.

    “Can I – can we vote tomorrow night?” he said, looking at James pleadingly.

    “Think about it. It’s for our friend’s sake. For Remus. And it’ll be loads of fun,” urged Sirius.

    James silenced him with a look and said, “Sure, Peter. But we need time to do it. A lot of time. Remember that.”


    That night Peter tossed and turned in his four-poster bed, unable to sleep. Fear of failure kept pressing at the corners of his mind. At the same time, the worry that he would disappoint his few and only friends kept invading his thoughts.

    What if he couldn’t learn to become an Animagus? James and Sirius would surely think that he had failed them. They might regret that they ever let him become one of them. They might even think he was no longer worthy of their friendship. Peter brushed this thought away as quickly as it had come into existence.

    But what if he simply refused to go with their plan? He was aware that learning to become an Animagus was no piece of cake, especially for someone less than bright, like him. By voting against the plan, he would save a lot of his strength and time.

    But would he ever earn back his friends’ respect? Could he possibly remain a Marauder if James and Sirius went ahead and risked their lives for Remus, while he stayed behind in his dormitory like a good boy, safe and warm?

    Most likely not, thought Peter. For Sirius was right. They were doing this to help their friend. There could be a lot to lose by attempting such a risky thing, but on the other hand, there could be a lot more to gain if they succeeded.

    To try and then fail was one thing, realized Peter. But to fail without even putting in an ounce of effort was entirely something else.

    So, that night, Peter made his decision. And it was the wisest in his life.

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    Wales (I wish)
    Author: Gmariam
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Choices
    Word Count: 447
    Warnings: None

    Severus Snape felt the headmaster’s faith and compassion wash over him. It filled him with a strange warmth that was unlike any other feeling had had experienced. He knew hope, which he had never known before; and he felt confidence, that what he was doing was right.

    The headmaster’s blue eyes pierced Severus’ heart with clear trust and solid belief. He was asking Severus to make a terrible sacrifice and take an incalculable risk. Severus had come to the headmaster, offering his services to the Order of the Phoenix, expecting to put his life in danger by defying the Dark Lord. He had never imagined how terrible that danger might be: he had not anticipated being sent back as a spy.

    He was betraying everything he had believed for most of his life, leaving the only family he had ever known. He felt the conflict between his past life and his future path, a battle between the darkness and the light in his soul. Deep down he knew he had rejected the dark, but the light had not yet chased away his doubts.

    Severus struggled with his instinct for self-preservation. Returning to the Dark Lord was the most dangerous task he could be assigned, and he was not eager to take on such a treacherous role. He could simply desert, go into hiding, and survive; he could assist the Order from the shadows, with vital information and tactical advice. Reclaiming his position as a Death Eater would be playing with fire: he was certain to get burned, and could very likely be killed. Severus was not sure if he was ready to lay down his life for an Order of witches and wizards who would surely shun his sudden change in allegiance, and forever question his fidelity.

    Gazing into the headmaster’s blue eyes once more, Severus realized with a shock that he had already made his decision. He could not give his life and loyalty to the hundreds of nameless faces whose lives might depend on him, but he had already given both to the man in front of him. The headmaster trusted him, valued him, and believed in him. For that, Severus would betray his past, his future, and his oath to the Dark Lord. He would take a new pledge, and begin a new life. The knowledge freed him from his doubts, and the conflict in his heart receded into the dark corners of his mind.

    “What do you say, Severus?” asked Albus Dumbledore, waiting for the answer that would change both of their lives.

    Severus didn’t hesitate. “Of course I will. I’m your man.”

    He had made his choice, and would not turn back.

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    Celestial Melody
    Author: Celestial Melody
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Before Being Burn Marks
    Word Count: 499
    Warnings: None
    The crash of thunder jerked the sleeping, ten-year-old boy from slumber. Opening his eyes, he gazed carefully around the room. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, however, he rolled out of his ornate bed and stretched his arms toward the ceiling, wriggling his bare toes in the thick carpet. He listened.

    There it was, masked by the staccato of raindrops on the shingled roof: The sound of weeping.

    The little boy’s face was dispassionate as he crept to his bedroom door, opened it, and slipped out. Pausing, he waited for the sound of crying to guide him and, seconds later, heard the sobbing emanating from behind a closed door down the hall.

    A worried look flitted across the child’s face as he realized who the room belonged to. Glancing warily over his shoulder, he crept stealthily down the dark hallway to pause before the door. Leaning in, he pressed his ear to the door and listened briefly to the sound of weeping then pushed the door open.

    Lying facedown on the bed was a beautiful girl trembling violently as sobs racked her slender frame.

    The boy’s young face lost its impassive mien and he darted forward. “Andromeda?” he whispered, sliding a tentative hand into one of hers.

    The girl gasped and sat up hastily, her dark brown eyes frightened. “Oh,” she breathed in relief, “Sirius, it’s you. Oh, thank God.” Tears spilled down her cheeks.

    Sirius (for the young lad was he) climbed nimbly into the bed, still holding her hand. “What happened, Andy?” he asked.

    Andromeda gazed into his concerned face. “Sirius,” she whispered, “do you remember Ted?”

    Sirius nodded.

    “He asked me to marry him. And … I told mother … who then told your mum.”

    Sirius gasped. He knew what his mother was like. She hated Ted and constantly hounded her brother, Cygnus, for allowing his daughter to consort with someone she considered inferior.

    “Sirius, they told me I would be dead to them if I married him. But….” Andromeda trailed off, sobs reclaiming her petite frame.

    Sirius peered into his cousin’s stricken face. “But what?”

    Burying her face in her hands, Andromeda murmured, “But I love him. Oh, Sirius, what should I do?”

    Bewildered, Sirius mumbled, “Andy, you have to decide.” He swallowed the lump forming in his throat. “Will you have to leave me?”

    “Yes,” she murmured absently, clearly not understanding the import of her words, “but how do I know he feels the same?”

    Sirius stared at his cousin. “You just know,” he stated simply.

    Realization dawning in her eyes, Andromeda looked at the little boy sitting cross-legged in front of her. Impulsively, she reached forward and pulled Sirius into an embrace. “Sirius,” she whispered, stroking his hair, “I love you.” Andromeda felt his arms tighten around her.

    “I love you, too,” came the quiet reply.

    Tears streaming down her face, Andromeda wrenched herself away from the little boy, away from her old life. “Goodbye, Sirius … I’ll never forget you.”

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    Name: babekitty_92
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Yes or No?
    Words: 360
    Warnings: I'm going to totally annoy you........

    Lily sat in Transfiguration, taking notes when-

    So Evans, what's your answer?

    'Oh my god! My notes! Blaaaaack, you are so going to cop it!'

    What ever am I going to do, Evans?

    "Mr. Black will you pay attention and stop laughing at your notes!" Professor McGonagall snapped and he jerked his head up with a large smirk.

    "Could you tell Evans to answer James' question?" He asked innocently and the whole class 'oooohed' loudly.

    "Evans likes Potter! Evans likes Potter!" A shrieking Slytherin girl yelled and the class laughed, with both James and Lily blushing like mad.

    "Potter, might I remind you of the talk I gave you earlier?" McGonagall sighed and he went even redder. Lily put her head down and kept looking at the notes, not wanting to humiliate the boy even more. It was supposed to be a simple answer; yes or no. If she said no, there could be tension between the two, even though they had found peace this year, their last year. But if she said yes and it went wrong... Let's just say it would be catastophic.

    "Which one, the birds and the bees, or the one about Evans?" Sirius joked and the class laughed. Since when did James Potter, gorgeous and girl swooning pranker, get laughed at?

    "Sirius, I thought that was you who got that talk from Madam Pomfrey," Remus sniggered and McGonagall waved her wand, making an ear-splitting crack to make silence fall in the room.

    "Right enough, at the end of class you two can see me about it," McGonagall said with finality, looking at both Lily and James, and the lesson continued in silence.


    "So, um, Lily..."

    "James, did you have to do this to me?"

    "It's a simple question! Professor, make her answer, please!" James sid, getting annoyed and Lily stopped herself from rolling her eyes.

    "No, I will not give it back, and I'll think about the other," She finally said and his face was glowing.

    "It's a date!"

    "It will be a detention if you yell in my ear again, Potter!" McGonagall yelled over top and he said sorry before leaving, holding Lily's hand.
    I'll put up another later, as I have to log out in a minute...

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    Name: crazy_purple_hp_freak
    House: Slytherin
    Title: The right side
    Words: 499 *hides*
    Warnings: None...

    He’d always chosen his own path based on what he wanted, what would benefit him most… though that wasn’t always the case.

    “Join me Severus,” whispered the silky voice of Lord Voldemort. “Join me, and I will make use of your extraordinary talents. Join me and you shall have glory, shall triumph. Together we can purge the world of the unworthy, shape it to suit our needs.”

    The voice of his master seeped into his veins like poisoned nectar…


    …and the presence of the Dark Mark had finalised his acceptance, his decision, his fate. A lifetime of service, or death.

    In his mind he had always known there was another path if he ever dared to take it. He knew that if he decided to leave his current predicament, there would always be those willing to take him back.

    “Go then, Severus.” Albus Dumbledore let out a reluctant sigh. “If you feel that this is something you must do. Go and join them.”

    Severus stood up, and walked to the door. His curtain of hair hid his look of confusion. Why did Dumbledore still trust him, a Death Eater?

    “Severus, wait.” Dumbledore looked at him, eyes brimming with sorrow and regret. “If you need any assistance; if ever you run into difficulties in your path, or there comes the time when you feel as if you cannot go on, always remember that help can be found here. Do not be afraid to seek refuge at Hogwarts if needed.”

    “Look after yourself, m’boy. Lives like yours are too good to waste away.”

    He was beginning to think the old man was right. Under the Dark Lord’s shadow, he thought he’d gain power; all that he’d done was sign away his freedom. His exceptional talents, put into murder and torture, now disgusted him. With every contribution he made to the Dark Side, the only gift received was pain.

    Severus knelt at the Dark Lord’s feet, kissing the hem of his robes.


    He curled his body into a ball, trying to eliminate the pain. Was this the reward for his service?

    He was an accomplished Occlumens now, skilled enough to reveal only what he wanted, to others. He’d tell the Dark Lord the prophecy; let him set out to kill the child destined to be his downfall, not knowing he’d created his equal, that Severus had helped him. Never knowing the prophecy’s other half.

    Things were going to change. He had vital information; a chance to turn things round. He would help to finish this war, finish it on the right side. The good side.

    Severus turned on the spot, apparating to Hogwarts. His manner was calm, cool and decisive; his mind finally made up.

    Familiar empty halls met him with ease, as if he’d never left this refuge.

    He entered the office, meeting the old man inside, waiting.

    He parted his hair; his eyes filled with determination, and yet despair.

    “Professor Dumbledore, I need help. I want out. Please.”

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    Name: Pondering
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: The Boy on the Doorstep
    Words: 416
    Warnings: None

    Petunia Dursley had felt overwhelmingly confident that this day would be just like any other day. That she would just open the front door, collect the milk and move on with her morning tasks. However, the milk wasn’t the only thing that was lying on the doorstep.

    She clapped her hands to her mouth to cover a scream of suprise, wondering who or what had dumped a little one-year-old boy on her doorstep. He was sleeping peacefully, a letter placed gently in one hand, the thumb of the other in his mouth. Messy black hair covered the infant’s head, reminding her of that man her sister had married.

    “No!” she yelled aloud, for once not considering about what the neighbours would think.

    She breathed in sharply. It couldn’t be. It was just someone else’s baby who had been deserted on her doorstep, who just happened to have messy hair just like his.

    Petunia’s exclamation had caused the baby to stir. He wearily opened his eyes. They were hers, that emerald green, they were...

    She took a step backwards. This was not happening.

    Why had this child been left on her doorstep? Didn’t she, her sister (Petunia couldn’t bring herself to say her name) have other people to give her baby to? Why was she even giving him away? Why did she think that Petunia would raise her son for her? Did she not know that Petunia had tried to eradicate her from memory, as if that sister had never existed.

    And now her son was on Petunia’s doorstep. She had half a mind to pick him up and drop him at someone else’s front door. Then Petunia fully acknowledged the letter the little boy was grasping for the first time. Tugging it out of the infant’s grip desperately, she ripped it open, reading it on the doorstep.

    The words on the parchment didn’t make sense to her. She knew what they meant, but she didn’t comprehend the full meaning of them.

    Her sister…her sister Lily…was dead.

    And this was Lily’s son here on the doorstep, and the letter dictated that she needed to take him in, for his safety…and for her own. Could they afford another child? How would she explain this to Vernon? All these questions flitted around her head. She knew what she should do, but would she do it?

    It was time to make a decision. She wouldn’t like it, but she knew it had to be done.

    Petunia Dursley let Harry Potter in.

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    Pheonix song
    Name:Pheonix song
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Never again
    Words: 487
    Warnings: None

    He knew he shouldn’t have done it, he knew that it was wrong and that he had caused the both of them pain by not being able to control himself.
    Yet as hard as Remus tried he could not regret it. He couldn’t rid himself of the wonderful sensation he had felt, as brief as it had been.

    A kiss should not be so complicated, he thought helplessly, but than werewolves shouldn’t get involved with people either.

    “I don’t care” She told him again, “I love you Lupin, and I know that you love me”

    “Tonks . . .”

    “Don’t give me anymore of that noble crap! I said I don’t care, that is my decision,” She stated angrily, then added in a slightly less confidant voice “what’s yours?”

    On one hand Remus saw that she was willing to take this risk, that he cared for her, and that the Wolfbane potion could keep her safe from him.

    On the other his short teaching career had taught him how fast the potion could go wrong, how easy it was to forget. It was his fault that Peter had escaped again, that Sirius was still forced to hide, and that James and Lily had not been avenged.

    One mistake is all it took.

    He knew once the decision was made there must be no turning back.
    The mid ground they now occupied was not an option. He could not go on like this, and he was sure that neither could she.

    The choice seemed to be decided for Remus by the cruelness of fate, he would not let harm come to anyone he cared for, and Tonks’ safety depended on him leaving her alone.

    Besides, the thought bitterly, what did he have to offer her? Most people had more money lost in their couch than he owned, and he was a werewolf, a deadly monster, whether she chose to acknowledge it or not.

    Minutes later Remus collapsed into one of the dining room tables, rubbing his eyes in frustration. The kitchen door was still swinging from her angry exit, the crash that soon followed came as no surprise, no doubt she had knocked over the umbrella stand again. Howls of anger erupted from the portrait and with them came Sirius’ cursing as he closed the curtains over his mother again.

    He remembered the look on her face as if it were branded into his memory, the pain Remus had seen in her eyes as she blinked back the tears that she tried so hard to hide.
    Her words were soft and broken, yet they could not have hurt Remus more if she had screamed the most hateful curse she knew. Indeed he would have preferred that.

    Tonks had looked him straight in the eye; her usual confidence was shattered as she whispered “How can you do this to us?”

    He wouldn’t hurt her, in any way, ever again.

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    Name: LittleBlackLioness
    House: Ravenclaw
    Titleraco's Decision
    Words: 241
    Warnings: None

    Draco slipped out of his room. Did he really want to do this? He stole a glance at his mother's closed door. It would hurt her, that was for sure. He was everything to her, now that his father was in Azkaban. But than again, the Dark Lord had sounded so confident that he could do the job, and that meant something to Draco.

    Gong! Gong! Gong!

    The large grandfather clock downstairs chimed to indicate that it was eleven forty five. Draco had fifteen minutes until his chance was gone. He crept slowly down the stairs, avoiding the creepy step so as to avoid waking his mother. He knelt next to the clock and reached out to grab the portkey that the Dark Lord had set up a head of time: a small golden snake statue.

    He hesitated, just for a moment, before grasping its neck. After a moment of the sickening sensation of portkey travel, he found himself in a dark, dusty room. Against one wall was a tall, somewhat royal looking chair, in which a hooded man sat. A circle of masked wizards stood around him, ready to strike if Draco made the wrong choice.

    "Have you made your decision, Draco?"

    "Yes, my Lord, I will join you and complete the task you have given to me." He lifted up his left sleeve.

    “Good.” He felt an intense burning sensation as the Dark Mark was engraved on his arm.

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    Name: FuzzyMuffins
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: A Split
    Words: 373
    Warnings: None
    "Remember me?”

    Slughorn turned cold at the sight of the pale skin and red eyes.

    “You used to be my favorite teacher,” Voldemort said. “And I must repay my debt. Come with me, and I will teach you all I have learned,”

    Slughorn began to sweat, despite the snow that was falling thick and fast around him.

    “With the information you have provided me, I have become indestructible. I thank you for that.” His red
    eyes gleamed as he spoke.

    “I didn’t mean for you to use it,” Slughorn whispered “No good can come, no good came from…”

    “I beg to differ,” Voldemort said, with an icy indifference in his voice. “You have led me to the path of
    becoming what I am now,”

    “And what are you now?” asked Slughorn, though his insides melted as soon as the words left his mouth.

    “You do not know?” Voldemorts breath clouded Slughorn’s face. “I am disappointed. You above all people should know. After all, you are the one who…”

    “I know what I did!” snapped Slughorn, all the fear rushing out of him. “And yet I actually have morals; a set of ethics,”

    Voldemort nodded slowly, “Yes, I understand that. I also have morals. It is just that I am not above experimenting; trying new things. Come with me, and you will understand,”

    “Oh, I understand everything. I would rather remain ignorant than risk my life, thank you,”
    Voldemort raised an eyebrow. “You will not risk anything if you do not have life,”

    “What are you…” Slughorn began, but then stopped. His eyes opened wide. “Oh, no. Not that. That would require…Tom, that would require…murder.”

    “Oh, I do not think of it as murder. Rather, it is the removal of people of a…lower class,”

    “You’re insane,” Slughorn muttered, licking his lips.

    “Insane, maybe,” Voldemort agreed. “But also very powerful. And quite immortal,”

    There was a long pause. The snow fell lightly into both Slughorns and Voldemorts face. Finally
    Voldemort spoke:

    “Am I to assume you will not travel with me?”

    “Yes,” Slughorn said to the snow.

    “Very well.” Voldemort drew his cloak around him. “We will discuss this later.”

    Slughorn watched as his favorite student walked away from him, leaving footprints in the snow.

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    Goodbye, My Lover

    Name: MorganRay
    Title: Goodbye, My Lover
    Words: 497
    House: Hufflepuff
    Warnings: Adultery is a topic.

    I wish I were a seer.

    I can’t divine worth a knut, though.

    If I could, I might have had an inkling of what would have happened on the eighteen of October, 1981.

    That day, I wore my flowing, silvery cloak that I liked so much. It was velvet and shimmered like dew in the first rays of the sun when I moved. I would stand in front of the mirror and twirl around in it to make myself feel better when the day had been lackluster.

    On no other day had the pressure been greater than on that autumn day. The weight of my actions pressed on my conscious mind while I sat awake, staring at the ends of my hair. I searched for split ends, concentrating on that meaningless task to relieve my mind from the buzzing thoughts that skipped through my restless brain. I had brought myself to the point where I felt my sins in my sleep.

    Oh yes, I had sinned in many senses of the word. I was a traitor to my family and my blood. I was a harlot to my husband, and worst of all, I betrayed my child every night I went to his house. While we were in school, our little meetings in the evenings were acceptable. Because we were so young, we never touched each other. The most we did was peck cheeks and share passionless kisses on the lips. But we would talk like I could never speak to anyone else before or since. In our own way, we made love. We loved in words, and when I married, it didn’t change. I would steal away to see him when my husband’s droning conversation and assumptions of my womanly inferiority bored the part of me that ached for someone to treat me as something more than a doll.

    I went to him, and we made love it words. Then, we made love in his bed. But I had a child that wasn’t his, and everything changed.

    That day, sitting in the threadbare chair, playing with the ends of my platinum blond hair, he walked into the room. I tried to smile, but when I did, he knew it was a lie.

    What’s this game, Severus? I have a family.’

    Without a pause, he said, ‘You won’t end it.’

    ‘It’s wrong. I’m married! Gods! Lucius could discover me!’ I felt the tears begin to come, but the loathsome churning in my gut kept the tears from my eyes.

    ‘It didn’t matter before,’ he stated flatly.

    I have a son. I have duties to my family and my heritage.’ With those words, I stood up, but I didn’t shake with sobs. It was a long walk to the door, but I didn’t turn around, unable to stop myself from leaving.

    If I had seen my life today at that moment, maybe I would have stayed with him.

    Gods, I just want to talk to someone.

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