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Thread: Andromeda's House in Hogwarts

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    Andromeda's House in Hogwarts

    So I'm not entirely certain if this is where I should ask this, but oh well.

    I'm fairly certain that there is no canon evidence saying what house Andromeda Black/Tonks was in at Hogwarts, but there might be canon evidence from interviews or something. Most stories I read place her in Slytherin, or more rarely in Ravenclaw. So does anyone know for sure what house she was in?


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    It's never stated explicitly in the books that she was in Slytherin, but the circumstantial evidence is high. (Sirius said everyone in his family is in Slytherin, and if Andromeda were in another house, it would probably have come up at some point.)

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    I agree. That Blacks were more or less all Slytherins the whole way back on their family line. I think if Andromeda were in a house other than Slytherin, it would have been signifigant enough to be brought up. From what we've read, her only sin was marrying a Mugle-born.

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    I can't see Andromeda in any other House than Slytherin. If Sirius was the "black sheep" of the Black family (pun intended), it would make little sense if his close-in-age cousin was also sorted into a different House.

    Obviously, we know next to nothing about Andromeda's growing up years, but it could be one of those situations where everything she had been taught and believed in as a member of the elitist Black family changed when she fell in love with Ted Tonks. That's a big maybe.

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    Yeah thats what I thought too. It definitely would have been mentioned if she had been sorted into any other House. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing a statement/interview from JKR saying for sure. Thanks everyone!


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