Hi all, I'm playing with the idea of having an OC in my story who was born with magic, but never graduated from Hogwarts. I was wondering if anyone else had some opinions about the idea of ungraduated witches and wizards and how they might function in wizarding and Muggle society.

First off, is it feasible? Does it seem logical that perhaps by way of flunking out or withdrawing from school for personal or family reasons, a witch or wizard would never graduate Hogwarts? Do you think they might have the chance to come back as mature students?

How would such an individual function in wizarding and Muggle societies? Would they be something akin to Squibs, aware of the wizarding world and technically a part of it, but only marginally?

Would they be allowed to practice magic at all without Hogwarts or other certification? Would their wands be snapped after a certain point when it is clear they won't be returning to magical education?

Would there be some sort of Ministry register listing witches or wizards who have never graduated?

Any thoughts would be helpful, thanks!