Title: Poor, Poor Severus
Word Count: 258
Warnings: Short, last minute randomness.

'Welcome, Severus.' The Dark Lord's chilling voice pierced through the muted mutterings of the black-robed people around the table.

Severus Snape glided along the floor, and sat down next to the Dark Lord. 'Do we have any news, Severus?' he asked.

Severus took a deep breath before answering. With a smirk on his face, he started solemnly, 'Glug. Glug glug. Glug? Glugglug? GLUG! Ooooooooohoooooo!'

'Is this some sort of a joke, Severus?' muttered the Dark Lord. 'I do not find it the least bit funny.'

'Glug!' protested Severus, waving his hands. Pulling his wand out, he said, 'Glug! Aaaaaaahoooooo! Glug!?'

'Severus, you are excused. Get out of my sight. See me when you've passed this particular fancy.' And despite Severus' waves and glugs of protests, the Dark Lord waved his wand, and Severus went screaming out of the door.

He tried to stand up, tried to walk, but he couldn't. He pushed the floor back, and he moved forward, slowly. What the hell had happened?

Severus had just needed Gillyweed for his potion. He had been at the lake, plucking Gillyweed, and saw something lurking in the water. He had gone back to his room and had made the potion. It had, simply put, exploded with a very interesting, and yet very improbably display of pyrotechnics.

Severus now knew what had been lurking. It had somehow done something to the Gillyweed, which had made the potion explode. He'd get back it if it was the last thing he'd do. He would have his revenge on the Giant Squid.