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Thread: SPEW Reviews for June

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    SPEW Reviews for June

    Please remember you must post four reviews, or three reviews and one approved review replacement.

    Approved activities that will replace your fourth review are:

    • SPEW Buddies
    • Class Activity at Hogwarts
    • Category Patrolling Project
    • Story or Drabble Challenges
    • Review Award Committee Duties
    • Participation in SPEW 007; you must post either one story/chapter (800+ words) or two drabbles (less than 800 words) during this review period.

    Also, please remember to complete at least one monthly activity - a response to the Monthly Discussion or Monthly Drabble challenge, or a review for our Featured Author.

    All reviews must be posted and monthly activites completed by June 30th.

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    Oh, I so just want to be first for one month After this, I'm going to stick with only posting once I've finished everything.


    1. Review for Muggling Along by ProfPosky

    2. Review for Etched in Gold by Cirelondiel <-- SPEW buddy


    Review Replacement:

    Spew Buddies with Chelsea

    Monthly Activity:

    June Discussion: Reviewing SPEWers

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    ms. leading
    Second! YAY.


    My review for Hatusu's A Certain Slant of Light [chapter four: Heavenfall]

    My review for Equinox Chick's The Lions of Gryffindor [chapter ten: Caught in the Crossfire]

    My review for electronicquillster's Every Foolish Dream [SPEW Buddy]

    [Review Replacement]

    SPEW Buddies with Mar

    [Monthly Activity]

    June Discussion: Reviewing SPEWers

    - Cassie

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    Third! Mwahaha nikki has managed to post early again!

    my review for In The Stillness of Night by Cassie

    SPEW buddy ---> my review for Bellona by BB

    my review for One Sweet Love by AlexPotter

    Featured Author ---> my review for A Cataclysmic Reaction by Mere

    SPEW buddies with BB

    Reviewed and questioned the FA


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    *slinkers in* *sees three other posters* *pouts*


    - The Writer by Sainyn Swiftfoot my review
    - Apparently Asleep by Equinox Chick my review for chapter four
    - Tales of Wildwood by minnabird my review

    Review Replacement Activity

    - RAC duties
    - Class activities:
    • teaching Reviewing OWL
    • Character Exploration NEWT
    • Being British OWL
    • Bannermaking for Beginners OWL

    Monthly Activity

    June Discussion: Reviewing SPEWers

    No longer a mod and no longer in charge of any forums.

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    in a book <33

    [1] My Review for Before the Sunrise by Roxy Black
    [2] My Review for Blood, Tears, and a Diamond by MerrryD <<-- Featured Author
    [3] My Review for Belonging to Bellatrix by Fantasium <<-- SPEW Buddy

    Review Replacement

    SPEW Buddies with Anna.
    Haylee's NEWT Character Explorations Class.

    Monthly Activity

    Questioned and Reviewed the featured author: Mere.


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