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Thread: Harry/Hermione 6-7th Years / Professors

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    Harry/Hermione 6-7th Years / Professors


    I feel like I've read every Harry/Hermione fiction rated 6-7th Years and Professors, I want to see one based in their last year or sixth year, so obviously has to be AU, and any other's with this ship and rating would be fantastic.


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    My current WIP is exactly what you've described here. It's completely canon, barring the epilogue and begins shortly after book seven leaves off. I have the prologue validated, and chapter one should be in the queue really soon.

    Love Story by me.

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    The best H/Hr I've read lately would have to be True War Stories by dashofmagic. Sadly, it is a non-completed-hanging-in-the-air fic that most likely won't get updated If it weren't for it being that well-written and so very believable, I would almost not recommend anyone to start reading, 'cause I was very disappointed when I realised that there probably wouldn't be any continuing that story. I was very inspired to adopt the fic, and finish it, though

    Does anyone else have a H/Hr fic to recommend? I feel like I've read them all...

    And Ashley, I started reading yours and realised I'd read it I'm waiting for the update!

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    For good Harry/Hermione, one is almost required to read The Colour of Distance by the opaleye. Julia wrote such a passionate, strong, and emotive piece in such a short amount of words. It's a one-shot, and it's 6th/7th years.

    It was also in the SBBC February monthly discussion and inducted into the SBBC Hall of Fame. If you'd like to hear some of that, clicky the links.

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    And Ashley, I started reading yours and realised I'd read it I'm waiting for the update
    Haha, so am I.
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