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Thread: Molly - Very, Very Much Available!

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    Kate Skeffington
    Double Post because somehow I can't edit my previous post...

    Molly, since you haven't replied yet I'm going to look for someone else to beta my story for now.


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    Wow! I seriously haven't checked my thread in ages, or is this the post Nargles at it again.

    But sure, I'll look at this. I'll pm you my email address.

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    UserName: Seer_Witch
    Story: working title. It's currently "Victory" because that's what the main character's name means, but I'm still not sure how much I like that.
    Genre: Romance
    Ships: Victoire/Teddy
    Rating and Warnings: 2-3 year, just to be safe. so far everything's good, but I can't promise they won't curse in the future or have "sexual situations" arise as things get tense.
    Word Count: 1,839
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered
    Form of the English Language (British, American, etc.): Hopefully as British as possible, but as an American I'll probably need some Brit-picking :/
    Permanent Y/N: if possible
    Summary: Basically, it's Victoire Weasley and Teddy Lupin's struggles to be together. She worries a lot, especially because she's afraid their families won't accept them, seeing as he's so close to her cousins (she's right). This encompasses all of their scandalous endeavors to stay together while trying to slowly convince their parents that their relationship is a good decision. They also have to present themselves as a hypothetical unit, as they aren't supposed to be together.These worries turn into all sorts of hi-jinx, problems, and desperate, sometimes really stupid attempts to work as a couple.

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    I'm not allowed to edit my posts!
    But I meant 3-5 year..and actually I did write a little more and this turned out to matter more.

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    Mollyyyy, I know I've been a terrible writer, but I've been taking Russia's OC class and I have a one shot that could use another pair of eyes, and it's from my China-verse, so do you want it to look at it?? (I know you do!) If you can't just let me know and I'll make someone else help. It's due on the 1st, so I'm running out of time. It's 2k right now, I'm hoping for a bit more.

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    Gwen Evens
    Next Generation 6th-7th Year R Main Characters Harry and Teddy
    User Name: Gwen Evens
    Story: No Pain, No Gain
    Genre: Next Generation
    Ships: HP/G R/H B/F G/A T/V
    Rating and Warnings: 6th-7th year Violence, Mild-profanity, Abuse, Sexual-situation
    Word Count: 1,003 Ch1 and ch2 700 as of know
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered
    Expected Beta Time: I'd Like 2 to 3 days but a week is fine
    Permanent Y/N: would like yes if not thats ok
    Summary: The past comes back to haunt after silent for nineteen years, Greyback threatens Harry.

    “Oh I almost forgot a letter arrived for you by owl.” Said Ron

    “By owl in the Ministry.” Harry said perturbed.


    Harry took it opening it he read. . .


    By the time you have reserved this letter we would have just started attacking the Ministry. We will be honoring this day by taking someone you hold dear he is half of my kind and half of yours he is as your son. His father betrayed his kind and you killed the Dark Lord.

    It is time you payed.

    Fenrey Greyback

    or my other story

    Beta wanted for at least one Chapter on an Alternate Universe fanfic
    User Name: Gwen Evens
    Story: A Dragons Plight
    Genre: Alternate Universe
    Ships: H/R HP/G other
    Rating and Warnings:6th-7th Years Book 7 discarded
    Word Count: more than 791
    Expected Beta Time: 2 to 3 days or story a week at the longest
    Permanent Y/N: I would like permanent
    Summary: The Chosen One is dead, but Voldemort lives. Harry dies with the quest unfinished. Hermione and Ron vanish, and are assumed dead. Sixteen years have gone by changing the world. The Dark Lord has taken over England and the Order is hard pressed to survive. Azena Lily Snape is more than meets the eye, raised and trained by Death Eaters with the last name of Snape most would assume the worst. She graduated at the top of her class at Hogwarts as a fifth year and a prized gem for the Dark Lord. Though she may very well be the one that will help turn the tide and win or lose the war. Azena must first face her unsure past and finish that which was begun but, never completed. The thing is she has a secret and a big one if the wrong person found out it could mean death.

    I have a beta for both already but I have found having multiple pare of eyes helps

    oh and british

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    Gwen Evens
    I only need a beta for A Dragon's Plight now thank you.

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    Second Year Ravenclaw
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    Aug 2009
    Hi, Molly! I don't know if you remember working on my story, but you Beta'd the first two chapters for me--gosh, two summers ago, now? I was wondering if you'd be willing to work on it again, as I'm finally getting back to it. I've almost finished rewriting the third chapter and then I'm going to start tackling the fourth this weekend.

    UserName: Royari
    Story: Harry Potter and the Guardians of the Mindspeakers
    Genre: General
    Ships: Not a focus, but canon (except for Neville/Luna)
    Rating and Warnings: 6th-7th Years; Book Seven Disregarded, Mild Profanity, Violence (Started writing this before the sixth book came out)
    Word Count: Two chapters up on this site; in total maybe upper ten thousands to over a hundred thousand? It's mostly handwritten, and from a few years ago, and also unfinished, so I don't really know, to be honest.
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered
    Form of the English Language (British, American, etc.): I do a little bit of a hybrid myself, although probably more American. I'm not too fussed; whatever you think is best.
    Permanent Y/N: Yes.
    Summary: Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville are back for their sixth year while Ginny and Luna return for their fifth. Something happened over the summer, something that brought them closer than they thought they could ever be. People who were thought to be dead keep showing up in their lives. And what is Harry's exact role in defeating Voldemort - and what do Fred and George have to do with it?

    I don't know if you'd still be up for working on this, but I just thought I'd check in with you. I hope your summer is going well!

    iBeta. iWrite. iDrabble.

    A big thank you to Ari (A. H.) for these gorgeous banners!

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