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Thread: Molly - Very, Very Much Available!

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    What an honor! Of course I would love to beta this story!I be pm you my email right away!

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    Looking for Beta

    Username: Okiblossom/ Kuri
    Story: Shattered Moonlight (this might change)
    Genre: IDK - Exactly (I need help on pinpointing that)
    Ships: OC/OC Flashback
    Rating and Warnings: Language, Mild Abuse, Psychological Abuse, Non - Consensual Cony sent (last 3 are mainly implied*)
    Word Count: 1200 - 2000 per Chapter
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered
    Expected Beta Time: A week
    Permanent Y/N: Yes Permanent
    Summary: Professor McGonagall starts up an advanced seminar for challenged students; with appproval, she coins the conferences as Erised Considerantiae. She thinks it will help those who go into fields fighting againist the Dark Arts. It's taken ages for approval, so she wipes the slate clean as an experiment. She invites a woman to tell the story of her past; in this seminar, Charlotte DeLuca walks through her days at university, and reveals the silence. For years, she told nobody of her sufferings. Taken by surprise, she realizes her son attends the seminar; he taught at Hogwarts not long ago himself. Can she reveal her secrets without shattering her image?
    Critique: Honest
    Previous Piece on Forum: An Insecure Flaw
    Warnings: Almost all of them
    Rating: Not sure.

    I might have posted in the wronf place before.* ASAP. Just if you're willing to bite because the beta process thing will take a while. Please consider it. Let me know.

    Thanks, Kuri

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    Sounds like an interesting challage. I will send my email right away!

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    Hi Molly! I was looking around for a Beta and saw that you were accepting chaptered fics, so if you're willing, you could beta this story that I'm working on.

    UserName: Lovemagic, though my real and preferred name is Hayden

    Working Title: A Great and Terrible Beauty (yes, I took the name of the actual book, but this is nothing like Libba Bray's novel. At all. Ever.)

    Genre: I don't know. I think it blends with Canon and AU...sorry. Hehe.

    Ships: There'll be the canon ships, but those aren't the point of the plot. I have a couple of original characters, and...Oh, I don't want to give it away, but okay. Voldemort (Tom Riddle, to be precise) and a special Original of mine...of course she'd have to be an original. I'm typing too much 'cause I don't want to say a whole lot. Just let it go...sigh.

    Rating and Warnings: Everything except for DH spoilers, Dubious Content, Non-Consentual sex, Slash, Student Teacher relationships, substance abuse, suicide, um... I've never really figured out the Epilogue, what epilogue? thing.
    I need to explain! Self injury where you don't intentionally hurt yourself, of course; sexual situations--I'm sorry...I'm sure I'll need this, but only a couple of times. I'm not going to overdo it. Promise. Uh... you seem to be fine with just about everything else, but if you accept this story and then have any concerns, I'll try to explain.

    Word Count: about 6000 to 10,000 per chapter.

    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered!

    Form of the English Language (British, American, etc.): American (though I attempt British sometimes)

    Permanent Y/N: For this story, yes

    Summary: Not sure about the summary yet, I need help on it. It's about Voldemort turning into Tom Riddle and finding the only friend he ever had, but had never told anyone about. He goes to hogwarts to find a place to stay, since all of his Death Eaters are gone. He manages to get a job as the co-Defense against the Dark Arts teacher. Harry and co. come to Hogwarts and Harry realizes who the teacher is immediately, and that's how it starts off. There's a LOT of stuff and in the end everything sort of ties together back to Tom Riddle and his OOC best friend.

    Rating: 6th-7th years or Professors

    Critique: I want you to be honest about it. I would love to have constructive critisicm on plot flow, any grammar puntuation mistakes, discriptions, OC and canon characterization, stuff like that.

    Beta Time: A few days to a week, but if for any reason you need a little more time, I'm fine with that.

    Well, I've typed way too much and don't know if I have anything more to say. I would be so grateful if you accepted, so let me know what you think..


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    Sounds interesting. I'll send you my email where you can send your first chapter.

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    Hi, Molly - I'm Ari!

    Username: Royari
    Story: Harry Potter and the Guardians of the Mindspeakers
    Genre: Adventure-ish
    Ships: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Remus/Tonks
    Rating and Warnings: Either 3rd-5th or 6th-7th; Book 6 Disregarded, AU (maybe) - I began writing this before the 6th book was published, so it's really only as AU as much as anything we write is.
    Word Count: 100,000 +
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered
    Form of the English Language (British, American, etc.): I write in a combo, really, although this story might be mostly American.
    Permanent Y/N: I would love for you to work on the whole story. I'll explain more below, as there's a bit of a backstory to this request.
    Summary: Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville are back for their sixth year while Ginny and Luna return for their fifth. Something happened over the summer, something that brought them closer than they thought they ever could be. People who were thought to be dead keep showing up in their lives. And what is Harry's exact role in defeating Voldemort - and what do Fred and George have to do with it?


    All right. I began writing this story when I was twelve - February 22, 2005, to be exact. As such, my writing has changed quite a bit since I first began writing it, and the earlier chapters need a little work. Unfortunately, I've handwritten most of the story, which means that I only work on editing it sporadically - because I edit as I type, I then print and edit, and have to retype changes. As of right now I have about 290 pages of the more than 500 typed, and I have not yet finished the story - the final chapters have been outlined for the past four years. Besides taking a while, my method of editing (and re-editing and re-editing and changing my opinions over time) means that the entire story is not consistent. For example, when I first wrote the story, I quite disliked Snape and wrote him in a stereotypical and unflattering way, and had the other characters behaving towards him in a way that I now find unamusing; he also happens to have been one of my favorite characters for the past few years, and I'm rewriting intereactions with his character to reflect that.

    I had a PI beta working with me for a while, but she is unavailable and I don't know that she'll be able to work on this story again. As a result, I've been looking for a couple of Betas from the boards here who would be able to work with me. Apurva has agreed to help, and she plans to focus on grammar and characterization. Would you be able to - if you're interested, of course - focus primarily on plot-realated areas? I.e., plot consistency, making sure I tie up loose ends, that what I write is plausible and so forth, that I tweak what needs to be tweaked and rewrite what needs to be rewritten. I love comments and, as you see above, I'm used to several rounds of edits, so I'd welcome anything you have to say, and I don't want you to feel constrained by my asking you to focus on a particular area. (I also have an OC who becomes one of the main characters. His name is Sean, and he has secrets and knows more than he lets on.)

    As I have so much written already, Apurva and I agreed that we would work on one chapter at a time, but I gave her general information about the following four chapters so she knows where it's headed. If that sounds like a format that could work, I'd be happy to do the same with you. If you'd prefer to work on a few chapters at a time, we could do that as well. (While the first few chapters are quite short, they need a bit of work; the chapters soon get much longer, and I tend to prefer them.)

    Two last things: I am very critical of my own writing - there are pages that I've completely covered in red writing, changing all but a few words - so it might not need as much work as I think. Finally, if you'd like a look at the story before making your decision, please let me know - I'd be happy to provide you either with a few chapters or a link to a site where I've already posted some of the story.

    I understand if this seems a bit overwhelming and you don't feel you can work on it, but if you're up to it, I'd love to work with you on it.

    Hope your summer is going well!
    iBeta. iWrite. iDrabble.

    A big thank you to Ari (A. H.) for these gorgeous banners!

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    Well, I find myself few on beta assignments. I'll pm my email address and you can send me the first chapter.

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    Username: Kuri
    Name/Preferred Name:Jen
    Title: (If known)
    Summary:Remus has been going through the same routine ever since he could remember. It was just one of things; it used to be every month, but at least itís waned to once a year. A Healer and a physician became his second family. As he got older, he started understanding the processes, but he never thought this scheme boiled down to a binding signature.
    Main Characters, Era:Remus Lupin / Healers/
    Chaptered or One-Shot: One -Shot
    Permanent Beta? Y/N: Yes
    What I Could Help You With:Chacterisation/Plot/Interest/ Fitting into Canon/ Everything/ Writing Style
    English: BE (British English)
    If You Will Be Working with Other Betas: Hope so.
    Note: May I have you for another connected one -shot? They go together. 'Tis important.

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    Sounds like fun! I'll shoot you my email, and you can send it straight away!

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    UserName: AidaLuthien
    Story: Harriet Potter - Explorations in a Multiverse
    Genre: AU!!
    Ships: ... haven't decided yet!! Depends on which part of the multiverse
    Rating and Warnings: erh... AU, AU, uhh... character death??
    Word Count: not yet written!
    One Shot or Chaptered: chaptered!
    Form of the English Language (British, American, etc.): British!
    Permanent Y/N: if you please?
    Summary: it is what it says on the box. Explorations in a Multiverse if Harry Potter had been born Harriet Potter. Basically, exploring how Harry's life would have been different if he had been born Harriet, how his relationships would have been different with other characters.

    This is a plunnie, nothing has been written yet, I'm just curious if you would want to take it on since I know you don't always accept AUs.

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