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Thread: Molly - Very, Very Much Available!

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    Sure, I'll take it. You know what to do and where to send it.

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    Hello =) Are you currently available for a one-shot?

    UserName: sorrow_of_severus and Raffles
    Story: Who Wants Fudge?
    Genre: General
    Ships: Nothing too central to the plot; there is some minor Lucius/Narcissa
    Rating and Warnings: 1st-2nd years with no warnings
    Word Count: 2516 words
    One Shot or Chaptered: One-shot
    Expected Beta Time: However long is necessary
    What you require help with: Spelling and grammar especially, but any help is appreciated.
    Summary: Ever wonder how a buffoon like Cornelius Fudge got into office? It had a little to do with Dumbledore's reluctance to accept to job, and a lot to do with Lucius Malfoy's fears.


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    Certainly! I will send you a pm right away. I am so sorry it has taken so long to reply to you!

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    Molly, I'm in need of a rush beta job if you can handle it. It's for the Being British class, and I'm already late with it.

    Title: No idea, I'm open to suggestions.
    Ratings/Warnings: 1st-2nd years. None
    Summary: I haven't written one yet, but it is about how a Muggle-born girl remembers Hermione from school, and when she notices that she can use magic, she goes and talks to Hermione who introduces her to the world or magic.
    One-shot or Chaptered: One-shot. I'm thinking it will be no more then 2, 000 words, but you never know.
    Email of course.

    Let me know, won't you?


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    No problem. Just send it my way and I'll get it back to you ASAP.

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    Updating to say I am now accepting chapter fics once again. If you have one in need of beta-ing, just let me know.

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    Hi Molly- just saw you were accepting chaptered fics again and was wondering if you'd be interested in helping me with this one. Emma (Amortentia X) is already my beta, and incredibly helpful, but as long as you don't mind being a second beta, I'd love it if you could have a look at this.
    UserName: welshdevondragon
    Story: A Certain Romance
    Genre: Dark/ Angsty but I'm thinking about moving it to general
    Ships: OCs/ OCs/ with a tiny (really, really tiny) Bellatrix/ Rodolphus- and Rabastan/OC
    Rating and Warnings: QUite a few (sorry) but I really don't think they are gratuitous, and are necessary to both plot and character-Abuse, Non-Consensual Sex, Self Injury, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Suicide, Violence
    Word Count: About 4000 words per chapter
    One Shot or Chaptered: Seven/ eight chapters long- the first of which is up, second in the queue
    Form of the English Language (British, American, etc.): British, but I'm a brit so there shouldn't be any problems there (not to say that there won't be!)
    Permanent Y/N: Yes, if you're willing
    Summary: The prologue occurs in April 1999. The Epilogue will be in February 1981.

    In between those dates is the story of those who grew up during the height of Voldemort’s first attempt at power. They have lived and maybe even loved, just to be further shaken and destroyed by the Second Wizarding War.

    Destruction goes hand in hand with creation. And some things destroyed in the First are reborn in the Second, and some things born in the interim are entirely destroyed.

    The cast contains Muggle-born orphan Briar Meyer, pureblood Edward Grey, a good man, Diana Rosier, successfully redeeming her friendship with her uncle by being good, Janus Prewett, who lives up to his name, Marguerite Zabini, Blaise’s beautiful aunt, and Rabastan Lestrange, who does not want redemption but may want affection.

    Also included will be brief appearances by a battle-weary Neville Longbottom guarding his parents’ persecutor, an irritating Auror, Bellatrix Lestrange at the height of her supremacist madness, Rodolphus Lestrange, not practising what he preaches, Dolores Umbridge drenched in red wine and Sirius Black, getting stood up in 1980s Hogsmeade.

    Also the good folk of London will celebrate the first day of summer in 1998, and mourn the loss of the People’s Princess in 1997.
    Hope this sounds interesting!
    Banner by Minna.

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    I was wondering when I was going to see some activity on this thread again! Of course, I will beta for you! I will pm you my email straight away!

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    Hello Molly!

    Chapter four of the Fourth Marauder was rejected and I was wondering if you'd like to give it a look over for me. If you do, I'll email you the rejection and the chapter and we can work from there.

    Let me know


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    Sure. You have my email already. I'm sure it's just a little tweaking that will be fixed in no time.

    I'm excited to see a new chapter!

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