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Thread: Molly - Very, Very Much Available!

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    Hey Molly! I have exams next week, and won't have time to spend on my drabble for our MWPP class, so I have written the Remus one early. If you could do this one for me (it's a drabble, so it shouldn't take to long), I'd really appreciate it.

    Basically, it's just my version of how Remus and Lily became friends. I'm going to say that it is probably taking place during first or second year, and it has the Marauders, Slughorn, and Lily as the characters with small mention of Snape, even though it is based on Remus. I can't say to much more, because, like I say, it's a drabble.

    Let me know, and I will email it to you if you can do it.


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    No problem. You know where to send it. And your next Peter chapter will be done soon.

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    UserName: hpjunkie09

    Story: Padfoot's Place

    Genre: Romance

    Ships: The main ship is Hermione Granger/Sirius Black, but there may a couple of minor ships involved as well, I haven't decided yet.

    Rating and Warnings: PG-13 or R at the most, mostly because of sexual situations and some violence.

    Word Count: I've only got two chapters so far, and they're very different in length so I don't know what the word count is going to be.

    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered

    Form of the English Language (British, American, etc.): British

    Permanent Y/N: This is entirely up to you.

    Summary: The Wizarding world has lived in relative peace for the last one and a half years. Hermione, Harry, and Ron survived the war, and are now living with Sirius Black in 12 Grimmauld Place. Hermione and Sirius embark on a business venture that has the possibility of turning into more. During Auror training Harry and Ron discover a deadly plot that could bring the Wizarding world to its knees.

    I would love it if you could beta this for me!

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    I shall take on this story as well. I will pm you!

    To everyone else: Still Very Available!

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    Third Year Hufflepuff
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    Jun 2007
    UserName: Afifa
    Story: Eventual Embrace
    Genre: Romance- James/Lily
    Ships: James/Lily
    Rating and Warnings: 3rd- 5th years, Student/teacher romance [just mentioned for fun, nothing major. ]
    Word Count: 1055
    One Shot or Chaptered: One shot
    Form of the English Language (British, American, etc.): British
    Permanent Y/N: For this only.
    Summary: Um, I don't have the official thing yet. I basically wrote this for my MWPP class, James' week. This is the sequel to Beneath the Shell. It's basically James and Lily finally becoming friends, but they haven't started dating yet.

    I hope you can do this.

    - Afifa
    - Write - Beta - Drabble - Duel - Help -

    Awesome avvie by Minna/minnabird.

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    Sounds lovely. I will send you a pm in just a moment.

    To everyone else: Still Very Available!

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    Molly, I have another request for you.

    This weeks Peter drabble needs some work. It is in first person, and it doesn't make much sense. Basically I am worried about characterization. It isn't long, and maybe you could get it for me in one or two days?



    P.S. I thought I sent you chapter three of the fourth Marauder. Did you get it?

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    Sure, I can take on this drabble. And yes, I did get your Peter story, and it's almost done. You should have it in a couple days.

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    Molly, I sent you the verrry unedited version of chapter 3 a few minutes ago! I PMd it to you, since email doesn't work particularly well for me.


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    Hi Molly, I wonder if you would be able to beta a one-shot for me?

    UserName: psijupiter
    Story: they turn in endless circles (... I think I need a new title)
    Genre: Maurader-era gen
    Ships: Nothing, except for canon ships in the background.
    Rating and Warnings: 1st/2nd years, no warnings.
    Word Count: 1,300ish
    One Shot or Chaptered: One Shot
    Form of the English Language (British, American, etc.): British
    Permanent Y/N: If it works out, permanent would be great, but I don't mind either way.
    Summary: Childish dreams and fairy tales. Lily Evans used to watch the skies and dream of the future.

    - Psi

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