At the moment, Molly is: Very Available

Username: I go by OliveOil_Med on the forums, the main site, and on Perfect Imagination. But also, I happen to be in the 'My name is actually in the books!' club, and I go by Molly.

PI Accreditation Number: PI: 5604525810

Author's Page: Clicky Click

General: I am good with any one of the General catagories (except for Poetry. PLEASE find someone else!); Post Hogwarts and Mystery are where I really shine. I am also fairly good at picking out cliche's in Marauders era fics.
Contest Submissions: I am most certainly willing to work with clients on the timeframes they need.
Alternative Universe: I'll beta these if I am drawn into the concept of the story, but I accept them on a case by case basis.
Dark/Angsty Fics: These I also accept on a case by case basis. If there is a good story behind them, though, then I can't resist.
Romance: I don't write it myself, but I also have no specific pairings that I won't do. I'll do a Same Sex Pairing if there is no one else out there, but I'm sure there are betas out there better suited than myself.
Humor: Yes, yes, YES!

I don't write romance myself, but I'm willing to beta any ship. I'll do a Same Sex Pairing if there is no one else out there, but I'm sure there are betas out there better suited than myself.

Rating and Warnings:
I'll do any rating.
Abuse: Depends on the context
Alternative Universe: On a case by case basis. I can't say no to a good story, but I would also like to see some effort put into the reasoning behind this warning.
Book 7 Disregarded: See Alternative Universe (unless for pairing, then yes)
Character Death: Sure
DH Spoilers: Sure
Dubious Consent: Depends on the context
Epilogue? What Epilogue? See Alternative Universe (unless for pairing, then yes)
Mental Disorders: Sure
Mild Profanity: Sure
Non-Consentual Sex: Depends on the context
Self Injury: Depends on the context
Sexual Situations: Depends on the context
Slash: If there is absolutly no other betas out there.
Strong Profanity: Sure
Teacher/Student Relationships: Depends on the context
Substance Abuse: Sure
Suicide: Depends on the context
Violence: Sure

One Shot or Chaptered: Please check availability status

Turn Around Time/Availability: My normal turn around time is about a week, but I can work with time constraints.

Permanent Y/N: If you'd like a permanent beta, sure

Strengths: As an English student, I'm very good with grammar, plot points, and all technical aspects of writing a story. I also love bouncing ideas of my clients to help combat writer's block. But what I really pride myself on is helping OC's to "breathe". Also, after a year on the boards, I am fairly confident in my knowledge of canon.

Weaknesses: Brit-picking, but I've learned the importance of making British friends. I am also a student of the Being British class in order to help me with my weaknesses.

Style: Color Tracking

Method of Contact: Email is prefered, but I will do pm's too.

Other Information/Qualifications: I'm a third year college student, English major, and I have been telling stories ever since I was old enough to talk. I also work on both my college's newspaper and literary magazine as a writer and an editor respectively. I have been a beta on the boards for more than a year now, and have sixteen stories of my own on the site.

Please use this form:

Rating and Warnings:
Word Count:
One Shot or Chaptered:
Form of the English Language (British, American, etc.):
Permanent Y/N:
I'm going to take a break from accepting any new clients for now.

Resume (Fics I've Beta-ed)

Eventual Embrace: by Afifia
A Disenchanted Lullaby: by Black_Dust
The Guardian: by butter_beer_drinker (Winner of the Gryffindor Research Challange)
Pensieve of Time: by Cwiddy
Making Things Happen: by ginnygirl16
More Than A Game: by Hypatia (1st Place in the Colour of Love Challange)
La Vie en Rose: by Pendraegona (2nd Place in the Colour of Love Challange)
Who Wants Fudge?: by sorrow_of_severus and Raffles
Drachen: by Tim the Enchanter
Justifies the Means: by Tim the Enchanter

Chaptered Fics
The Phoenix Revolution: by AidaLuthien
For Love Or Money: by Cheshlin and Cwiddy
Life Is Beautiful: by C_A_Campbell
Once There Was A Darkness: Year Two: by C_A_Campbell
Harry Potter and the Dark Auror Tome: by Felix Felishus
City of Angels: by FullofLife
Finding Bravery by GinervaPotter213
The Fourth Marauder: by ginnygirl16
After the War: by harry4lif
Albus Potter and the Ring of Four: by hazeltwilight
Padfoot's Place: by hpjunkie09
Vanity and Pride: by Ironic Inspiration
Exeunt Omnes:by Kcharles
A Great and Terrible Beauty: by Lovemagic
Spontaneity by Northumbrian
Swimsuit Quidditch by Northumbrian
Tales of the Battle: by Northumbrian
The Girl from DRaCo MC by Northumbrian
Toujours Pur: by oliverwoodisthebest
Harry Potter and the Guardians of the Mindspeakers: by Royari
Albus Potter and the Year of the Badger: by Sly One
Who Wants Fudge?: by sorrow_of_severus and Raffles
Sadie Murray and the Enigma Scroll: by star_sailor
Making Sense of Chaos: by Tallulah
Für Das Größere Wohl: by Tim the Enchanter
Burning the Bridge: by thechocolatefrog
A Certain Romance: by welshdevondragon