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Thread: Molly - Very, Very Much Available!

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    Molly - Very, Very Much Available!

    At the moment, Molly is: Very Available

    Username: I go by OliveOil_Med on the forums, the main site, and on Perfect Imagination. But also, I happen to be in the 'My name is actually in the books!' club, and I go by Molly.

    PI Accreditation Number: PI: 5604525810

    Author's Page: Clicky Click

    General: I am good with any one of the General catagories (except for Poetry. PLEASE find someone else!); Post Hogwarts and Mystery are where I really shine. I am also fairly good at picking out cliche's in Marauders era fics.
    Contest Submissions: I am most certainly willing to work with clients on the timeframes they need.
    Alternative Universe: I'll beta these if I am drawn into the concept of the story, but I accept them on a case by case basis.
    Dark/Angsty Fics: These I also accept on a case by case basis. If there is a good story behind them, though, then I can't resist.
    Romance: I don't write it myself, but I also have no specific pairings that I won't do. I'll do a Same Sex Pairing if there is no one else out there, but I'm sure there are betas out there better suited than myself.
    Humor: Yes, yes, YES!

    I don't write romance myself, but I'm willing to beta any ship. I'll do a Same Sex Pairing if there is no one else out there, but I'm sure there are betas out there better suited than myself.

    Rating and Warnings:
    I'll do any rating.
    Abuse: Depends on the context
    Alternative Universe: On a case by case basis. I can't say no to a good story, but I would also like to see some effort put into the reasoning behind this warning.
    Book 7 Disregarded: See Alternative Universe (unless for pairing, then yes)
    Character Death: Sure
    DH Spoilers: Sure
    Dubious Consent: Depends on the context
    Epilogue? What Epilogue? See Alternative Universe (unless for pairing, then yes)
    Mental Disorders: Sure
    Mild Profanity: Sure
    Non-Consentual Sex: Depends on the context
    Self Injury: Depends on the context
    Sexual Situations: Depends on the context
    Slash: If there is absolutly no other betas out there.
    Strong Profanity: Sure
    Teacher/Student Relationships: Depends on the context
    Substance Abuse: Sure
    Suicide: Depends on the context
    Violence: Sure

    One Shot or Chaptered: Please check availability status

    Turn Around Time/Availability: My normal turn around time is about a week, but I can work with time constraints.

    Permanent Y/N: If you'd like a permanent beta, sure

    Strengths: As an English student, I'm very good with grammar, plot points, and all technical aspects of writing a story. I also love bouncing ideas of my clients to help combat writer's block. But what I really pride myself on is helping OC's to "breathe". Also, after a year on the boards, I am fairly confident in my knowledge of canon.

    Weaknesses: Brit-picking, but I've learned the importance of making British friends. I am also a student of the Being British class in order to help me with my weaknesses.

    Style: Color Tracking

    Method of Contact: Email is prefered, but I will do pm's too.

    Other Information/Qualifications: I'm a third year college student, English major, and I have been telling stories ever since I was old enough to talk. I also work on both my college's newspaper and literary magazine as a writer and an editor respectively. I have been a beta on the boards for more than a year now, and have sixteen stories of my own on the site.

    Please use this form:

    Rating and Warnings:
    Word Count:
    One Shot or Chaptered:
    Form of the English Language (British, American, etc.):
    Permanent Y/N:
    I'm going to take a break from accepting any new clients for now.

    Resume (Fics I've Beta-ed)

    Eventual Embrace: by Afifia
    A Disenchanted Lullaby: by Black_Dust
    The Guardian: by butter_beer_drinker (Winner of the Gryffindor Research Challange)
    Pensieve of Time: by Cwiddy
    Making Things Happen: by ginnygirl16
    More Than A Game: by Hypatia (1st Place in the Colour of Love Challange)
    La Vie en Rose: by Pendraegona (2nd Place in the Colour of Love Challange)
    Who Wants Fudge?: by sorrow_of_severus and Raffles
    Drachen: by Tim the Enchanter
    Justifies the Means: by Tim the Enchanter

    Chaptered Fics
    The Phoenix Revolution: by AidaLuthien
    For Love Or Money: by Cheshlin and Cwiddy
    Life Is Beautiful: by C_A_Campbell
    Once There Was A Darkness: Year Two: by C_A_Campbell
    Harry Potter and the Dark Auror Tome: by Felix Felishus
    City of Angels: by FullofLife
    Finding Bravery by GinervaPotter213
    The Fourth Marauder: by ginnygirl16
    After the War: by harry4lif
    Albus Potter and the Ring of Four: by hazeltwilight
    Padfoot's Place: by hpjunkie09
    Vanity and Pride: by Ironic Inspiration
    Exeunt Omnes:by Kcharles
    A Great and Terrible Beauty: by Lovemagic
    Spontaneity by Northumbrian
    Swimsuit Quidditch by Northumbrian
    Tales of the Battle: by Northumbrian
    The Girl from DRaCo MC by Northumbrian
    Toujours Pur: by oliverwoodisthebest
    Harry Potter and the Guardians of the Mindspeakers: by Royari
    Albus Potter and the Year of the Badger: by Sly One
    Who Wants Fudge?: by sorrow_of_severus and Raffles
    Sadie Murray and the Enigma Scroll: by star_sailor
    Making Sense of Chaos: by Tallulah
    Für Das Größere Wohl: by Tim the Enchanter
    Burning the Bridge: by thechocolatefrog
    A Certain Romance: by welshdevondragon

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    I requested this from you before but you were unavaliable. Now I see that you are free, and would love it if you could be a second beta for this story. Basically, I need help on keeping the characterization good, and I would like any plot help/opinions you could give me.

    UserName: ginnygirl16
    Story: Untitled so far
    Genre: General, Marauder Era
    Ships: There may be brief mention of James/Lily. I'm not sure yet as it is told from Peter Pettigrew's perspective.
    Rating and Warnings: I'm thinking 3rd-5th years with Character Death warnings.
    Word Count: The first chapter is sitting at 745 words right now. I hope to lengthen this up but might use it as a prologue.
    One Shot or Chaptered: It was intended to be a one-shot but is most likely going to become between five and ten chapters.
    Permanent Y/N: Right now I don't know. I'm mainly wanting to focus on getting the first chapter up. If everything works out, I might want you to stick around for the rest of the story.
    Summary: Peter Pettigrew was always the misunderstood one. He was never talented on the Quidditch pitch like James. He couldn't woo the girls like Sirius. Nor, was he the well-liked Prefect and sometimes soft-spoken Remus. So how did he fit into this famous group of boys? Was he just the wimpy kid who just sort of tagged along behind them? No, he was not. So what was he?
    Other Info: I'm not super rushed on this, so I'm okay with most turn-around times as long as it is within a week. I really want opinions on the ending of the chapter, and also some stuff concerning Pete's character as I have never written him (nor pictured him like this) before. Afifa is working with the grammer/punctuation, and also some plot problems but a second opinion would be great. I'm also perfectly fine with email.

    Let me know whether you are interested at all.


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    I know! It is amazing what finishing your last final can do for your availabilty calander!

    But now that I have the time, I would love to beta this for you. I'll send you a pm very soon.

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    Hey Molly!

    UserName: a h over there
    Story: Already Gone
    Genre: General
    Ships: All canonical.
    Rating and Warnings: 1st-2nd / -0
    Word Count: Roughly 1,800
    One Shot or Chaptered: One-shot (completed)
    Expected Beta Time: A week, please.
    Permanent Y/N: Just this one-shot, please.
    Summary: (No official summary yet)

    A one-shot written in Ginny's PoV as she reminisces about her life. 'Tis a song fic to 'Already Gone' by Sugarland (I'm starting to be less annoyed by all the country music my sister downloads on my MP3 player ).

    Areas help is needed: I love the idea for this story. I literally teared up as it came to mind and because of that, I shoved away everything else I was supposed to be doing tonight and wrote it in two hours. I'm just too lazy to go back through it though, and I know if I don't get a beta now, I'll shove the story aside and never go back to it. What I need help with is just... everything. I like the way I've ordered things and about 80% of the substance, but a lot of it isn't quite to my liking.




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    For my lovely Portraits prof, of course! I will send you a pm shortly.

    To everyone else, still Very Available.

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    UserName: sorrow_of_severus
    Story: Strange New World
    Genre: Historical
    Ships: OC/OC
    Rating and Warnings: probably 3rd - 5th years; Abuse, Substance Abuse, Violence, (mild) Sexual Situations
    Word Count: somewhere well over 10,000
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered
    Permanent Y/N: Permanent for story
    Summary: When thirteen-year-old Muggle-born Hazel leaves England with her family for a better life in the New World, she never expected that she'd befriend a "savage". Falling Feather, a young man with magic, understands the threat that the white men pose to his people like few others do. Why, then, is he so intrigued by a certain white girl?

    Worlds collide. Muggle with magic, English with Native American. Caught in the middle are two teenagers. Will they be able to find refuge in each other, or will their prejudices and fears hold them apart?

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    Username: thegirllikeme/C_A_Campbell
    Story Title: Life Is Beautiful
    Genre: I haven't decided for sure what I'll put it in. Either Romance or Post-Hogwarts, but it also includes quite a bit of Angst, Humor, and Drama
    Ships: George/Angelina, (never, ever saw myself writing this ship, but it grew on me) though it does have past Fred/Angelina and mentions of 'canon' ships, especially if they have to do with the Weasleys.
    Rating and Warnings: 6th and 7th Years. Character Death, Strong Profanity, DH Spoilers, Sexual Situations, Substance Abuse (just for some drinking -- I would say I'm dealing with any addicts or anything), maybe a little bit of Violence
    Word Count: so far it's around 8000, but that several chapters in. I think my chapters are average around 2k or so. (do NOT pass out in surprise!)
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered (it was just supposed to be a drabble, lol)
    Permanent: Like you'd abandon me now!
    Method of correction: do what you do best girl

    My name is George Weasley. As in Fred and George Weasley. Except it’s just George now. And this is my story. The story of my life, of how it ended and how it began again. wanna?

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    Yes! Yes! Molly want! Molly want! Please send it to me as soon as you can!

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    Story: I don't have a title yet. I might need some help with that.

    Genre: I guess, a bit dark. I am not exactly sure where to classify it. I'd be more likely to put in the General category. I honestly have no idea.

    Ships: Merope Gaunt/Tom Riddle Sr. (Not really given the history between the two. It's the only prominent relationship though and it is told from her point-of-view. In her mind, it's a ship.)

    Rating and Warnings: 6th-7th year? (Possibly professor) Mild language, abuse, dubious consent, and violence. I know that there are a lot of them, but all needed to keep the story cannonical. The abuse is only described in the aftermath, athough there is probably going to be one scene of violence later with Tom Riddle, but since it's a single instance, I'm not sure if it counts as abuse or violence. Character death and dubious consent are both needed given the character focus. The character death itself is in the epilogue and only inevitable, but is implied and needed to wrap up the story. The actual scenes of dubious consent will not be heavily/truly described, but given the fact that he is under the influence of a love potion, it is one.

    Word Count: All I've got done so far is the prologue (sorry about that). Anyhow that is currently 1210 words, but I'm still tweaking a bit. It will be around that length though. I have a bit of an outline, but that is subject to change. As it is, it should be five chapters. The rest will be slightly longer, maybe 2000 or so words. I have a tendency of underestimating my word count though. Expect anything between 2000-3500 words.

    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered

    Expected Beta Time: A week? If you need longer, just tell me. I understand how life is.

    Permanent Y/N: I'm looking for permanent.

    Summary: (Not the best at summarizing) The story follows Merope as she first falls in love with Tom Riddle through her eventual decisions first to give him a love potion and then to let him go and stop. I want to go into her reasoning behind what leads her to do what she does to Riddle Sr. and the relationship between the two as she progresses. Kind of delve into the idea of obsessive love.


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    Sounds good! I'll pm you my email address right away so you can send me what you've got.

    Edit: Oy, with the post Nargles!

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