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Thread: Being British XI

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    Being British XI

    Here is a shiny new thread for you to use.

    I will again remind you to be nice and respectful of each other. I do NOT want to take House Points from anyone, but I will if disrespect continues.
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    Umm...-cough- Guess I'll break in the new thread?

    Just need a bit of help for slang. I'm writing a very annoyed Sirius, and there's a certain place where I want to say "on the lam." Is that phrase used in the UK? If not, what's a Brit alternative that stays very slangy/casual? (If you don't know what that phrase means--I didn't till recently--it means "on the run.")

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have never heard of that expression, and I don't think we have slang for "on the run" - which I think is more or less slang itself.




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    Thanks anyway...I'll probably just use on the run then.

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    I have a question about an expression: "Taking something with a grain of salt."

    Do people in Britain used this expression too, or is it an Americanism?

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    Take like with a grain of salt... a lime and a shot of tequila!


    I have another slang question, too: is there slang for 'gay'? Degrading/offensive and normal, I guess. Thanks in advance.

    (PS If the degrading/offensive term in inappropriate for the public forums, could someone PM me? <3s)


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