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Thread: SPEW Story Updates

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    Story: Thatcher
    Category: General
    Ratings: 3rd-5th Years
    Warnings: Character Death; Mild Profanity
    Thatcher was alone. He enjoyed the thrill of the chase, but he veered into a dead end. He didn't want a helping hand. Someone reached out and gave him an unexpected gift. He had a choice.

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    jenny b
    I haven't posted the chapters of this fic in this thread for ages, but as it's the last one...

    Title: When Worlds Collide
    Chapter: Chapter Twenty-Four: The End
    Rating: 6th-7th Years
    Warnings: Character Death, DH Spoilers, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Substance Abuse, Suicide
    Rose was a Weasley. She never gave Scorpius Malfoy a second glance. They were sworn enemies, even though they’d barely even spoken to each other. But sometimes all it takes for love to blossom is a Potions lesson, a few snide remarks and a dropped book.

    Two people. Two entirely different worlds that are suddenly intertwined.
    ‘It’s odd to think that we only have a year and a half of school left,’ Rose murmured. ‘I still don’t know what I want to do when I finish. Merlin, I don’t even know what subjects I want to do next year.’

    It was like this every time they caught the train to and from Hogwarts – they were starting to realise that these trips were numbered, and soon there would be none left at all.

    ‘We’ve been together for nearly a year and a half,’ Scorpius reminded her. ‘I wonder if the next year and a half will go just as quickly?’

    Rose contemplated this. On one hand, she couldn’t wait to leave Hogwarts. It was all they talked about. Getting their own places, getting jobs, finally having some freedom … but then again, it was Hogwarts. It was always going to be home.

    ‘Time is odd,’ Albus said with a sigh. ‘It speeds up when you want it to slow down and slows down when you want it to speed up. Maybe we should freeze it. Or get Time-Turners.’

    ‘I wish,’ Edgar said glumly.

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    jenny b
    Two new fics within a week! This is madness!

    Title: A Moment, A Love
    Chapter: Chapter One: In Which Lily is a Delinquent
    Rating: Professors
    Warnings: DH Spoilers, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity
    A dream, aloud, a kiss, a cry …

    Pregnant at seventeen. I was not that kind of girl. My final year at Hogwarts was supposed to be the best yet – filled with Quidditch matches, parties with my best friends and Outstandings in all my NEWTs. But now I was facing morning sickness, young mothers’ group and irate teachers, all whilst trying to hold my relationship with Lysander together.

    What on earth was I going to do?
    We left a few minutes later, saying goodbye to the other Hufflepuffs as we headed for the Entrance Hall. Lysander was actually determined to go for a walk now that I had put the idea in his mind, but it was a rather dreary day and looked like it would rain any moment.

    ‘Do we have to?’ I asked, leaning against him as we stared out at the blustering wind. His arms wrapped around me automatically. We were nearly the exact same height – he was only two inches taller than me.

    ‘I suppose not,’ he said, kissing my temple. I loved it when he did that. Twisting myself around in his arms, I pressed my lips to his, butterflies exploding in my stomach as I did so. It said a lot about our relationship that after a year and a half, he could still made me feel like that.
    That's a ridiculously sappy excerpt. I promise you, the rest of the fic is not that bad.

    Title: By the Duck Pond
    Rating: 1st-2nd Years
    Warnings: (Very Mild) Sexual Situations
    Once upon a time, there was a girl called Anna Samuels. She was a red-haired Muggle-born with a penchant for dancing and ducks, and according to Albus Potter, she was the most beautiful girl in the world.

    This is the story that Albus wouldn't tell Rose; the story of what happened at Teddy and Victoire's wedding reception.

    The Potters had always had a thing for redheads, after all.
    Anna laughed. ‘Sometimes I wonder what goes through your brain, Albus Potter.’

    ‘Lots of things,’ Albus said, turning to look at her again. Her hair was coming loose from the perfectly sculpted bun, and wisps of her curly hair were framing her face. Albus fought the urge to reach out and tuck one of the red tendrils behind her ear.

    ‘Let me guess.’ She cupped her chin in her hand and stared at him, her eyes boring into his. They were hazel, and up this close, Albus could make out the separate flecks of brown and green in them. People were always telling him that he had nice eyes - green, like his father’s - but Albus thought they were kind of boring. All one colour. Anna’s were much more interesting. ‘Typical teenage boy stuff? Sex … girls … how you’re going to fail Potions …’

    ‘I’m not going to fail Potions!’ Albus said indignantly, trying to distract her from the first two categories, which went through Albus’ head on a daily basis. It wasn’t so much girls in general, though, as one particular girl …

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    Title: The Breaking Point
    Rating: 3rd - 5th Years
    Warnings: None

    No one ever said that war was easy. And it’s not.

    Especially not for Lily Evans, who’s become Hogwarts’ go-to girl for comfort. She’s never troubled or upset. She always knows all the things to say, when to hug, and when to just let the tears go. But, sometimes, the allusion of being in control is just too much.

    And, apparently, she’s not the only one.


    “But, seriously,” he said quietly, moving closer to her, “how do you do it?”

    Lily swallowed hard. “Do what?”

    They were very, very close now. “Pretend like nothing’s wrong, that you’re completely together, that you truly believe everything will be okay.”

    Her eyes hardened. “How do you know that I don’t believe that?”

    Regulus laughed harshly. “How can you?”

    “I have to,” she said very quietly. “I have to believe that everything will be okay, someday. I have to believe that there is good in the world and that it will prevail. I have to,” she repeated.


    “Because,” her hands clenched, “because if I don’t, then—then it’s all for nothing.” She stared up at him, eyes damp.

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    Story Title:Thatcher
    Genre: Dark/Angsty
    Rating and Warnings:3rd-5th Years: Character Death, Mental Disorders, Mild Profanity
    One-Shot or Chapter:Chaptered
    Summary: Mad-Eye doesn’t trust anyone because everyone sees him as a paranoid has-been. Perhaps he has stood at the edge of the edge of the cliff and seen things he would rather forget.

    Shelley’s on the cliff, waiting ... waiting. He sees beyond the painted veil.
    Dedication: This one-shot is a second draft of ‘Thatcher’: For Carole (Equinox Chick) , who asked for the revision, and who finally got me to delve into the Marauders and Julia, both my youthful sister and the beautiful Poet Laureate, the opaleye, who nodded to Percy Shelley, the Romantic. He was not a Poet Laureate, although Southey was, as Lord Byron reminds us.
    “Library Boy,” Mad-Eye roared, pleased the idiot dropped his book. A few people laughed at the stranger. “Join us.”

    “Oh, hello.” He waved to the room at large.

    “’Hello’, he says,” Mad-Eye said, glaring at Dumbledore. “He’s your problem. Fix him.”

    Dumbledore merely smiled.

    “Ah, well, at least it speaks. Auror, my buttock,” Mad-Eye sighed, taking out his hip flask.

    Thatcher shrugged. He slid onto the floor and listened through the brief meeting without interruption, nodding his head here and there. He looked mildly interested, surprised by the young ones in the group. Usually, new inductees hung onto every word. Not that they had trouble keeping up with things, but they question every little thing. From what he had heard from Dumbledore, and this was never much, he knew ‘both sides of the story’. Dumbledore had saved the man three years ago. He nearly missed it himself; the Thames waters had been so clouded that day, so it was easy to mistake the grey shrouded figure that floated along, facedown and presumably dead. He was hypothermic, cold as ice. There were three broken blades, a box of spent matches and a ruined volume of Shelley in his pocket.
    Link: Thatcher

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    Title: The Bookshop Owner's Gift
    Rating: Professors
    Warnings: Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Substance Abuse
    Scorpius Malfoy never expected the brief visit to his bookshop of a rude woman with no interest in books to give him so much to think about.
    "I'm not much of a reader," she said.

    "I figured. You're missing out."

    She smiled just a little. "Perhaps. Maybe you will have to show me the error of my ways."

    Scorpius smiled back.

    "Rose Weasley, by the way," she said, and he finally placed her. She'd been in his year at school but in a different House, so he hadn't had much to do with her at all, and even less because of whom her uncle and his family were.

    "Scorpius Malfoy," he said, dreading her reaction, but it wasn't what he expected.

    "I know," she said lightly. "I remember. Thank you, Scorpius, for lightening a dark evening a little."

    Scorpius watched her as she put her helmet back on; swung one leg over the bike and vanished into the rain. He didn't fancy a drink either now, but Rose had given him a lot to think about, so he stood there with the rain dripping just past his nose and splashing his shoes and did just that.

    Title: He Left
    Rating: 3rd-5th Years
    Warnings: Character Death, Mild Profanity, Sexual Situations, Substance Abuse
    He left. Katie Bell has moved on; she loves someone else, but it's not enough – she can't let go of him. When they meet for a drink one night, it can only bring back memories and pain.
    "It would destroy me," she says, as if she had never stopped talking. "Loving you burnt me up from the inside. I couldn't do that again. This is safer, easier." She still doesn't look at him, not even as he reaches across to trace her jaw line with his fingers, his fingertips chilling her skin.

    "That's not love," he says. "That's comfort." She doesn't disagree. "I bet he's called Sebastian or Alexander, and he works in Gringotts, and he's everything your parents ever wanted for you and nothing you ever did."

    She doesn't argue, but she feels a flush of anger. Who is he to judge her?

    "You left," she says. She catches the reflection of the slight flutter of his fingers in the polished surface of the bar as she says it, as if to take her hand in his, but her fingers remain untouched, wrapped around her glass.

    He had made the world fade away back then and spin and stop and rush towards her as if she was falling. She fell and fell, but in the end he wasn't there to catch her.

    She remembers the touch of his skin on hers and that heat – it was as if the earth had burst open to its core beneath her, as if she would die if his lips broke from hers. She can hear the echo of their laughter in her ears – a window to the past. Broken, jagged stained glass casting odd colours and shadows on her heart.

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    Title: Scribbled Invitation
    Rating: 1st-2nd Years
    Warnings: Mild Profanity
    Summary: Kingsley didn’t buy a word of their hype till he realised it was no longer a game.

    Two men sat at a long wooden table. One of them, a skinny man with greying hair, laughed at a joke. There was no mistaking his friend: Kingsley saw this face in his dreams when he lay down at night. His face plastered his tiny work place. At first, he swore this was a trick of his imagination [...]

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    I actually updated this earlier this week but I forgot to post it in here until now.

    Title: Forever Yours (yes it is just about mushy as it sounds.
    Rating: 1st-2nd Years
    Warnings: None, other than dangerous amounts of fluff and a bit of R/Hr angst.
    A year after the battle, Ron decides that he is ready to propose, and does everything he can to ensure his proposal is just right.

    After Hermione says yes however, the happy couple quickly discover that planning the perfect wedding is not always easy, and there are plenty of problems to be overcome before they can finally make it down the aisle.
    Even a caps lock one-liner would make my day right now.

    But now I promise to stop thinking about myself and go mod the queue instead.

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    Title: Brazen
    Category: Humour Fics
    Rating/Warnings: Professors -- Sexual Situations, Sexual Situations, Substance Abuse
    Length: 6829
    *These are the times that try men's souls.

    Well, that couldn't be any more real for Draco Malfoy than on the eve of his wedding. He was getting married the next day, but all he could think about is how his life was about to become so much more damned complicated.

    He had no idea.

    *Quote - Thomas Paine, American revolutionary.

    Title: Eye of the Beholder
    Category: Dark/Angsty Fics
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd/5th Years -- Character Death, Strong Profanity, Violence
    Length: 4037
    What was it like to be thirteen? Oh, yes...hiding from mad females and complaining about class assignments with your best mate. It may not be what every boy dreams of, but there are worse things.

    But for Nick Barnaby, the every day doldrums would become a distant memory as one of those scenarios becomes very real.

    This is the story of Nicholas Barnaby, a minor character of mine from The Vindication of James Potter. If you've read that story, I believe that you'd enjoy this one. It gives a little bit of insight as to why he is the way he is.

    Title: Written in the Stars
    Category: Next-Generation
    Rating/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years -- Mild Profanity
    Length: 18937 -- 4 Chapters -- Incomplete
    Growing up as Albus Potter was not an easy task, and being the son of the Chosen One wasn't a piece of cake, either. Expectations of greatness have the startling ability to crush someone, especially an eleven-year-old boy.

    Join Albus Potter in his rocky journey to adulthood and what it's like to live, to learn, to love, to lose, and to be the middle child.

    Title: Unbreakable
    Category: Other Pairing
    Rating/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years -- Mild Profanity, Abuse
    Length: 4674
    The marriage between Dorian Nott and Isla Black was the talk of the town, but to reporter Fredrick Whitlatch, it was yet another mundane societal write up. However, when the wedding started without the bride, his wish of a bigger, better story came true all too fast. What happened next went futher than his wildest imaginings.

    Where was Isla?

    Title: Confessions on a Saturday Morning
    Category: Marauder Era
    Rating/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years -- Mild Profanity
    Length: 2998
    Lily Evans had a lot of thinking to do, and what better time to do it than the crack of dawn on a Saturday? Not a person in sight...usually. That was, however, until she happened upon a certain group of boys, but without their normal mischief.

    Follow Lily as she investigates this awkward run-in with James Potter and his friends.

    Title: On a Path to Infinity
    Category: Poetry
    Rating/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years -- Character Death, Violence
    Length: 413
    This is a tale of two separated souls who slowly found one another in times of crisis. And how, in the greatest crisis of all, their son in mortal danger, they stood united against the darkness.

    This is the story of James and Lily Potter.

    Title: Creed of Rebellion
    Category: Poetry
    Rating/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years -- None
    Length: 141
    The hallmark of Dumbledore's Army was their refusal to give in to the darkness that was slowly but surely emcompassing their world. As long as there was a hope, the DA would live on. This is a warning, an invitation, a promise, to one and all that they will not back down until the battle is won.

    Title: The Darkness and the Light
    Category: Harry/Hermione
    Rating/Warnings: Professors -- Character Death, Epilogue? What Epilogue?, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Violence
    Length: 31973 -- Prologue with 9 Chapters -- Incomplete
    Harry Potter had seen death - a lot of death. Friends had passed in his lifetime, more so than any one person should ever experience, but how much is too much, even for the Chosen One?

    Ron Weasley is dead, leaving behind his wife and his best mate. How can these two cope with their Trio being cut down to two? And when danger lurks in the shadows, can they find the strength to fight for one another?

    Title: Falling, Fighting, and Firewhiskey
    Category: Next-Generation
    Rating/Warnings: 6th/7th Years -- Strong Profanity, Violence
    Length: 3881
    James was living the dream. He was the star player on England's 2030 Quidditch World Cup team, and he was showing the world how it was done. That was, of course, until foul play sent his world asunder.

    Albus saw his brother's livelihood snatched away in the blink of an eye, but more than that, James was...different. He was cold, angry, and callous - a far cry from the man he was before. Harsh words and even harsher attitudes put them at each other's throats.

    Title: All the Time in the World
    Category: Post-Hogwarts
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd/5th Years -- Character Death, Mild Profanity, Violence
    Length: 6160
    All Teddy Lupin had ever wanted was to be the kind of man his godfather was. He even followed in Harry's footsteps and became an Auror.

    Harry wanted nothing more than to be the father that Teddy would never have, but work and obligations always seemed to get in the way. Before he knew it, Teddy was all grown up. How had he missed all those precious moments? He knew he had to make up for it somehow.

    After all, they had all the time in the world, right?

    Title: Master of Midnight
    Category: Poetry
    Rating/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years -- None
    Length: 141
    To most lycanthropes, it is a curse. To one, he relishes it and the power it gives him. Who is this one?

    See Fenrir Greyback and his transformation from man to beast.

    Title: In teh Ashes
    Category: Post-Hogwarts
    Rating/Warnings: Professors -- Character Death, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Violence
    Length: 53256 -- 8 Chapters -- Incomplete
    In her seventh year, Katie Bell knew what it was like to fear death. A year later, she learnt what it was like to see it in front of her. Nothing she had ever experienced had prepared her to deal with the aftermath of that. And then he came.

    Caught in a whirlwind of Quidditch, heartbreak, and a rivalry, Katie struggled with her jumbled mess of feelings, one of which she hadn't expected but was growing certain that she could never live without.

    Title: The Lovers' Flame
    Category: Poetry
    Rating/Warnings: 6th/7th Years -- Sexual Situations
    Length: 102
    Though their journey getting there was rocky, some things came far more naturally to Ron and Hermione.

    Title: Of Slayers and Champions
    Category: Post-Hogwarts
    Rating/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years -- Mild Profanity
    Length: 1315
    After it was all said and done, Harry wanted a sandwich. However, Ron knew that what he wanted was far deeper and complex and maddening and insufferable. But could Hermione ever forgive him for leaving her behind? Could he ever forgive himself?

    Title: Barely There
    Category: Post-Hogwarts
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd/5th Years -- Character Death, Mild Profanity, Sexual Situations
    Length: 3906
    Dean Thomas felt like his soul had been ripped out when he survived the Battle of Hogwarts and his best friend did not. Grief-stricken, his brain simply couldn't wrap around what meant anything to him anymore, but the unlikeliest of heroines pulled him from the brink and maybe saved herself along the way.

    Title: You Are
    Category: Poetry
    Rating/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years -- Character Death
    Length: 102
    Alone, disgusting, adrift between life and death...

    This is Tom Riddle's penance for his lack of remorse.

    Title: Seeds of Indifference
    Category: Same-Sex Pairings
    Rating/Warnings: 6th/7th Years -- Abuse, Mild Profanity, Sexual Situations, Substance Abuse, Violence
    Length: 3335
    It was just another Friday night on the town with mates for Terry Boot.

    That was, of course, until he ended up guilt-ridden and saddled with a drunken and unconscious Theodore Nott. When his unwanted patient awakens, Terry finds himself questioning what he thinks he knows and finding the strangest of answers.

    Title: Heat of the Moment
    Category: Harry/Hermione
    Rating/Warnings: Professors -- Mild Profanity, Sexual Situations
    Length: 2728
    A night of paperwork, coffee, and burning the midnight oil... it wasn't an unfamiliar occurrence. But add in a minor slip-up and a mistaken potion, and events were sure to take an interesting turn.

    Title: Catharsis
    Category: General Fics
    Rating/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years -- None
    Length: 1620
    A war had raged; everyone had felt alone and afraid at some point. And when it was over, most people went back to business as usual, but two of those haunted souls found respite from the most unlikely of sources.

    After all, who doesn't need a little bit of catharsis?

    Title: Counting the Ways
    Category: Post-Hogwarts
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd/5th Years -- Mild Profanity
    Length: 9883
    For over four years, Dean Thomas had been sending his polite regrets to his mum, begging off of coming home for Christmas. But when he sensed discord in the most recent letter from his Muggle family, he decided that he needed to stop making excuses and start counting his blessings.

    What he found when he got there, however, proved to be more than just a simple family gathering.

    Title: Collateral Damage
    Category: Next-Generation
    Rating/Warnings: 6th/7th Years -- Abuse, Strong Profanity, Sexual Situations, Violence
    Length: 25946 -- 6 Chapters -- Complete
    Albus Potter had what some would call a fascinating job -- working for the Magical Law Enforcement's intelligence department. But when suspicious activity caused the Ministry to think the infamous Knights of Walpurgis were up to something, their leading expert was called into action.

    In disguise and out of his mind, Albus embarked on an impossible task, but when things started turning for the worse, why were his only thoughts about the one person he would hurt along the way?

    Title: Broom Ride
    Category: Poetry
    Rating/Warnings: 1st/2nd Years -- None
    Length: 275
    Join the crowd for some wintery fun with a Quidditch-ized version of the Christmas classic song, 'Sleigh Ride'.

    Merry Christmas to everyone at MuggleNet Fan Fiction!

    Title: Dark Requiem
    Category: Marauder Era
    Rating/Warnings: 6th/7th Years -- Abuse, Character Death, Violence
    Length: 3422
    The irony does not escape Severus Snape as he seeks to gain the favour of the Dark Lord on, of all nights, Christmas. The spectres of days dead and gone spur him on to complete his mission, but can the fond memories stop him from committing an unspeakable act?

    Title: The Proposal
    Category: General Fics
    Rating/Warnings: 3rd/5th Years -- Mild Profanity, Substance Abuse
    Length: 3412
    Oliver Wood was living on another planet from the way he'd planned his life after Hogwarts to turn out, virtually homeless and definitely penniless, but when he finds himself pulling pints at The Three Broomsticks on Christmas Day, a visitor comes and reminds him of how much different things could have been.

    I really should do this more often. I'm quite behind. >.>
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