Title: A Silent Change
Chapter: One- An Unexpected Arrival
Category: Other Pairing
Rating: 3rd-5th Years
Warnings: DH Spoilers, Mild Profanity, Sexual Situations, Violence
James Sirius Potter is working amongst dragons to keep the other dragons at bay. Namely, the innumerable reporters who want his interviews and photographs. All because of his surname.

He succeeds too, to quite a great degree. But things start going wrong when an old acquaintance turns up and James has a reporter with whom he has to share his flat. And his life. And also, maybe... love?

This is Afifa of Hufflepuff writing for the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament.
‘James Potter?’ I heard a voice call out from behind, most likely a woman’s.

I sighed. Yes, I was called that all right. James Sirius Potter. James Potter II. But most commonly known as Harry Potter’s son.

Oh, yes. The same Harry Potter who saved the wizarding world from doom. My father, Harry Potter. Old enough to be a grandfather (well, almost one, seeing that Lily is expecting) and still, the fame hasn’t died out. He steps out of the house and is waved at by unknowns, his photographs still get clicked, strangers ask for his autographs. Same things happening since, one could say, fifty years, seeing that he was famous as an infant, too.
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- Afifa