Here is an adoption/challange. I'd write it, but my life is busy, and I still haven't finished my second chapter to the fic I started 7 months ago. (Actually I lost the DS stick it was on, and have to start it again... but the point is I should have posted it ages ago)

Charaters: Draco Malfoy and an OC who has no name.
Mood of plot bunny: Drama I suppose. A little humour, a little anger, a little romance maybe. It's up to you.
Plot line: There are more details below Draco wipes the memory of his girlfriend of two years when she tells him she is actually a muggle. What he doesn't know is that she is pregnant with his child.
Other details: The idea is for the story to be written in second person and in presant tense.
Warnings: Unplanned Pregnancy.

The Prolog

The liquid burns your lips as you take your first tentative sip. In the background you can hear the clink of glasses and clatter of pots. You stare at the table top, noting the delicate carvings of rosebuds that weave along the edge. Your finger traces their pattern.

“You’re quiet.” It’s a statement. He never asks you questions; he doesn’t like to seem unsure. You raise your eyes to his. He looks calm. He’s wearing the robe you picked out when you went shopping together last weekend. It looks nice.

You need to speak. Your palms are sweaty and your heart is pounding. Two years, two secrets, which do you tell first? Words swirl in your head like flies caught in a tornado. You take another sip of tea.

“I lied.” You bite your lip and clasp your hands together. His face is unchanged; why isn’t he reacting? Is he angry? Upset? Finally his eyes sparkle and a smile tilts the corner of his lips,

“About what?”

“About being a witch.” The smile drops. He is angry; he has every right to be. If he had been lying to you all this time… “Draco, say something,” you plead.

“You are a squib.” His voice is tense. Bang! You jump and stare at the shuddering cup. Liquid sloshes over his hand and onto the table. He continues to stare at you. You tremble as you shake your head,

“A muggle. My eldest sister was a witch.” You need to explain, “She brought me here, when I was little. I loved it here. She loved it here. I didn’t want to lose that-- and then I met you. I didn’t mean to lie; you just assumed, and I… I liked it, I liked being a part of what my sister was. I liked doing magical things and feeling a little of what she felt, but most of all I liked you! I’m telling you now, because… because, well, there is something else.”

You pause. His face hasn’t changed, his wand is in his hand. He is staring at it as though for the first time. You take a deep breath, “Draco, I’m…”

Your head is aching. You glance around and see you are in Goldfry‘s; it’s your favourite wizarding coffee shop. It seems different. In front of you is a cup of cold tea. You are sure you ordered hot chocolate. You look to the next table and your heart sinks. Where is that fine, young man you saw earlier? You stand up to leave. A wave of dizziness hits you. You stumble and bile rises in your throat. You feel sick.

“Are you okay?” A young witch asks. You shake your head and dash for the bathroom. As you sit upon the tiled floor of the toilet, retching into the porcelain bowl, a feeling of deva ju washes over you. You spit to rid yourself of the vile taste. Why does everything seem so, foggy?

The Background

The Nameless OC is a muggle. Her elder sister was a muggleborn witch that was killed in the war. (Story is set after Hogwarts.) She is a few years younger than Draco. Say, Draco is 25 and she is 22. Something like that anyway. They have been dating for the last two years, not serious enough to move in together, but more like a steady couple that hang out, go on dates, etc. Draco thinks she is a witch. She has avoided doing magic, and has managed to decive him.

The Actual Bunny

As the prolog shows, Draco obliverates her. He is predjudist, as we all know, and he is STILL Draco Malfoy. His character should not be changed. She still remembers the magical world; he just took away the last two years from her memory. He does still care for her, at least enough to leave her in tact. But he is not willing to overcome his predjudist for her.

The prolog is meant to hint at the second secret. The one she was about to tell him, and that is that she is pregnant with his baby.

The bunny is that she does not remember who he is, therefore she doesn't remember HOW, (well, obviously she knows 'how') she got pregnant. She does, however, know that her memory was wiped.

The rest of the plot is free for you to interpret. I don't mind if they wind up together or not, or when he finds out he has a son or daughter. (Although a son WOULD be more orginal, since everyone nearly always makes the child a girl.)

So, any takers?