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Thread: The Return of the Weekly Drabble Challenge! Results!

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    Name: Chazzie
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Idiot
    Words: 449
    Warnings: None

    Harry sank down on to the grass next to Ginny. They sat quietly for a while in a comfortable silence. He could hear her breathing and counted those breaths; it was the sweetest sound he’d heard all day, all that week, perhaps, of her avoiding him.

    After several minutes of silence, Harry broke it. “Ginny?” he asked tentatively.

    There was a pause. “I’m not mad,” she said quietly, still looking stubbornly ahead.

    Harry sighed and picked up a handful of leaves before slowly crumpling them in his hand. “You should be,” he said finally.

    Ginny turned her head and looked at him, waiting patiently for him to go on.

    “It’s just… I’m an idiot. You were right.” Harry closed his eyes briefly. “But if being an idiot is the only way to keep you safe, if it’s the only way I can – ”

    “Don’t,” said Ginny fiercely. “Don’t say that you have to protect me, because you don’t.”

    “Ginny –”

    “Please, Harry!” Ginny said sharply. She let out a heaving, shaky breath and after a moment’s pause bluntly said, “Come on. Do you really expect me to just sit on the sidelines while you and Ron and Hermione fight? Do you expect me to just accept all this, go back to school, everything’s sunshine and rainbows? Because I want to, Harry,” she said vehemently. “I want to fight.”

    “You can’t – what do you mean, fight?” said Harry, trying – and failing – to sound casual.

    Ginny made an angry sound at the back of her throat. “I mean fight! Fight him, fight Voldemort!”

    Harry sighed and put his head in his hands. “I can’t let you fight, Ginny,” he told her, his voice muffled.

    “I don’t think it’s up to you to make that decision for me!” she said, taking his hands in hers and shaking them angrily.

    Harry let out a groan and pulled his hands from her grasp. “Maybe, Ginny,” he said hoarsely, “maybe I don’t like making these decisions any more than you like me carrying them out, but we can’t ignore the fact that Voldemort’s out there and he wants to kill me, and he’d kill you, too, if he thought you were a way to get to me! I’m just saving you from –”

    “Harry, this isn’t the Chamber of Secrets, I don’t need you to save me!”

    “I wasn’t – ” started Harry desperately.

    Ginny glared at him. “Don’t lie to me, Harry. I can always tell.” She pushed herself up and strode swiftly out of the orchard.

    Harry stood up and watched her leave, her long red hair dancing behind her. Idiot. That’s what I am. He gave the nearest tree an angry kick.


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    *dashes in last minute...* *hopes she's not too late*

    Mithril's Note: It's only too late when the thread has been locked! I'll leave it open for another few hours for last minute entries.

    Name: crazy_purple_hp_freak
    House: Slytherin
    Title: An Equal Beginning
    Words: 494
    Warnings: None

    “What?” sneered the tall, blonde-haired boy, his grey eyes glinting with mischief as his observed with growing disdain, the two heavily built, but clumsy individuals standing before him, their thickset forms throwing shadows over him by the light of the fire in the dungeon common room.

    “We – “

    “We want – “ the large boy with a wide mouth and flat nose hesitated.

    “What?” the blonde boy repeated. “Honestly, you two are so stupid sometimes I’m surprised you know how to talk at all, let alone slowly.” He smirked, folded his arms and began to walk away.

    He had scarcely gone five steps when he felt quick steps behind him and strong hands push him harshly so he fell back into the nearest armchair.

    “We’re SICK of you Draco!!!” hollered the first boy, his stiff gorilla-like arms trembling to the very knuckle as he tried to keep his resolve.

    “Yeah, we’re sick of you,” rasped the second, cracking his knuckles menacingly as he towered over the blonde boy.

    “You never take us seriously – “

    “You never listen to us – “

    “You, you – “

    “You always treat us like we’re stupid – “

    The blonde boy snorted. “That’s because you are stu- “

    “SHUT IT!” The blonde boy gulped and paled visibly as he noticed the two before him flexing their fingers with power as if to grasp him by the throat. He’d never quite appreciated just how much his ‘bodyguards’ stood for his protection, how much they had done for him.

    Holding his hands out in front of himself, as if in makeshift defence, he cleared his throat nervously.

    “Well – er, what do you –um, what to do about it then?”

    The taller of the two thugs scratched his head in concentrated thought, the shorter and slightly wiser one, too paused for a moment, pondering the situation. Now that it had come to this moment, saying what they thought was harder than they had imagined. As much as they wanted their own way, neither wanted really, to lose the only person who had ever acknowledged them; and they knew, too that the blonde boy wanted no more to lose the only two people that he had ever considered as “friends”.

    “We want – we want –“ the taller boy began, “We want to be treated as equals.”

    The second boy nodded in agreement. “We’re not stupid, and we don’t want to be treated as if we are.”

    The blonde boy looked down at his feet, his characteristic sneer steadily seeping away. The second boy continued, “We’re just as important, just as valuable as you are, and we’re not going to be your shadows anymore.”

    He looked directly into the blonde boy’s eye, in unspoken challenge; all three boys apparently of the crucial nature of this deciding moment.

    An unspoken contract passed through the air, and a fresh start ensued.

    The blonde boy stood up, took a deep breath, and finally, spoke.

    “Yes. All right then. I’ll try.”

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    Hope this is still in the time limit.

    Name: lily_16_evans
    House: Slytherin
    Title: The Truth
    Words: 308
    Warnings: a slightly bad word

    "Eileen! Eileen get your ass down here!"

    Eileen slowly crept down the stairs following the booming voice of her husband. Before heading down she had sent her son to his room, and discreetly slipped her wand into her sleeve in preparation. As she entered the kitchen she was greeted by the angry frown planted on her husband's face.

    "What is the meaning of this Eileen!" He threw an envelope from across the room that hit her lightly in the face. Picking up the letter she immediately noticed a crest bearing a snake, lion, badger, and an eagle. A gasp escaped from her lips which she tried to cover by slapping a hand to her mouth.

    "Why is my son a freak?" boomed Tobias rounding the kitchen counter and making his way towards his wife, "You have something to do with this!" Before she could do anything to help it, his hand had already reached her face, and though his hand fell limp beside him, the sting from teh slap stayed on her face.

    "He - he's not a freak. He's a wizard." Eileen breathed slowly trying to keep calm as her husband's heavy hot breath reached her face.

    "What have you done to him? This must be your fault!" Tobias raised his hand once more, this time however, Eileen was ready. The wand she h ad hidden in her sleeve came out in a flash and Tobias was sent flying backwards.

    “What the – Eileen it WAS you! You infected my boy!” Tobias screamed as he scrambled to his feet. His eyes burned with hatred as his they met with Eileen’s. The two adults stared intently at each other until they were interrupted by a sob from the doorway. Severus stood in shock, looking from his mother’s bruising cheek to his father’ glare of loathing.

    “Is this my fault?”

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    Name: Gonz
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Obligations
    Words: 252
    Warnings: None

    Two shadows walked through the moonlight in Forbidden Forest.

    “Severus, I need you to do this for me.”

    “You take too much for granted, Dumbledore. I don’t want to do it anymore.”

    “You agreed to do it, Snape, that’s all there is to it. Please make investigations into your house.”

    “I can’t.”

    Dumbledore looked down at his companion, “You have to.”

    “I made an Unbreakable Vow. Draco has to succeed or I…”

    “Will have to kill me,” Dumbledore finished.

    “Now you know why I can’t do this,” Snape countered.

    Dumbledore paused then said softly, “I am already dying; when the time comes, you must fulfill the vow.”

    “I hate you!” Severus screamed. “You don’t care about anyone; you just use them to achieve your own ends. You do to me, you do it to Potter, and you’ve done it to countless others. I have enough; you are not using me any more!”

    Snape turned and stormed back toward the castle.

    Dumbledore called after him, “Severus, you don’t hate me. You wouldn’t be furious if you hated me. No, your problem is that you love me.”

    Severus stopped. After a long silence he whispered, “I love you like a father, Albus. Don’t make me do this.”

    A single tear trickled down Dumbledore’s check as he came up, and placed a hand on Snape’s shoulder. “You are like the son I never had. Trust me, I would never wish your fate upon anyone, but you are the only person I trust to do this.”

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    Celestial Melody
    Name: Celestial Melody
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Solitude Broken
    Words: 441
    Warnings: None

    “Ah…” Hermione sighed luxuriously as she lounged full-length on one of the plush, scarlet couches adorning the Gryffindor Common Room. The late afternoon sun streamed pure and bright through the paned glass windows and cast a glow on Hermione’s advanced course books. This was the time of day she loved best. No one was lurking nearby to bother her because, due to her unique schedule during her third year, Hermione’s agenda differed from the other students’.

    Hermione relished the solitude away from her classmates, and yes, that did include Harry and Ron. Hermione was tired of doing all their work for them, and…

    “Hermione! What was the significance of the 1682 Goblin Revolt?” Ron came charging through the portrait door, blue eyes huge in his pale face, clutching a wrinkled sheet of parchment.

    Unlike Hermione, Ron obviously didn’t have a free period and had procrastinated on his History of Magic assignment yet again.

    Aggravated beyond belief, Hermione laid Advanced Rune Translations to the side, sat up, placed her hands on her knees, and looked Ron straight in the eye.

    “Ronald Weasley,” she began in a deathly quiet voice, “I am tired of answering all your questions.” Hermione’s already shrill voice increased in pitch as she continued her tirade. “What is the matter with you? Where is your drive, your commitment? Go do your own work!”

    Huffing angrily, Hermione picked up her book again and shoved it directly in front of her face actively ignoring Ron's stunned countenance.

    Ron’s bewildered gaze searched his friend’s half-hidden face. “But…” he began tentatively.

    “Ronald! I am reading. Now, go away. STOP bothering me!” Hermione was screeching now, her book forgotten as she leapt to her feet.

    Ron backed away, shocked. “I … I’m…,” he stuttered.

    “Well, what are you?” Hermione’s foot tapped impatiently as she watched Ron’s penitent expression with a hawk-like glare.

    “I … I try, Hermione, but you’ve always helped me before. Can’t you just…” Ron’s voice trailed off pathetically.

    Hermione felt her anger ebbing as she gazed into Ron’s pitiful eyes. She tried to regain the rage she’d felt, but to no avail. Sighing, she sank back onto the couch. She would never be able to tell him, ‘No,’ and she hated it. Looking up at Ron, Hermione gestured futilely at the empty space beside her on the couch.

    Ron breathed a sigh of relief as his pale face began to regain color in splotches of red. “Thanks…” he began, but Hermione cut him off brusquely, reaching forward to grab the piece of parchment clamped in his sweaty hand.

    “Don’t. Say. Anything. Now, what am I supposed to be helping you with?”

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    Name: Loralie
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Broken Heart
    Words: 307
    Warnings: AU

    Tears filled her sparkling green eyes, as she looked at him incredulously.
    “What did you just say to me?”
    “Don’t pretend you didn’t hear me, Mudblood. I said I don’t want to see you anymore.”

    Where did this come from? They had been so happy! He had never cared about her blood before, and now all of a sudden she was a Mudblood? He turned and started to walk away.

    “Severus, please. What happened? Why are you angry with me? And since when do you call me a Mudblood?” She was getting angry now. “And who are YOU to call ME a Mudblood? Your blood is just as dirty as mine!”

    He whirled around and grabbed her by the arm. “Don’t you ever say that again, do you hear me?” he growled at her, his black eyes hard, without the sparkle they normally had when he was with her. He had never treated her like this. She finally let those tears fall.

    “It’s those new friends of yours isn’t it? They convinced you I wasn’t good enough. Did you tell them about your father? Do they know about him?” she yelled at him through her tears.

    “I told you to shut up about that. No, they don’t know, and they aren’t going to either. Because they’re right. Why do you think I never talked about my family? My Muggle father and my Muggle grandparents, do you know what they did? They disowned me and my mother. We were on our own. When my father died, I got nothing from him, NOTHING! As far as I am concerned, I have no father. So yes, my new friends helped me realize that Muggles are weak, and I don’t ever want to be weak. Face it Lily, we are over.”

    Severus Snape walked off, leaving a broken heart behind him.

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    Name: coppercurls
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Incorrigable
    Word count: 499
    Warnings: mild swearing

    "Watch where you are going, you cretin!"

    "Me?" the witch cried indignantly, gathering up her spilled books. "You pay attention! Whatever happened to ladies first?"

    “Shove off.”

    “I will as soon as you take your foot off my book. And what makes you think you have the right to order me around in the first place?” Hermione asked hotly.

    Draco paused for a moment, before sneering elegantly. “I don’t have to explain myself to you, you filthy little mud…”

    “Don’t even say it,” Hermione warned him, her finger quivering with fury as she waved it in his face.

    “Say what? Mudblood? I don’t know why you are so offended Granger, 'cause you know its true…”

    His words were cut off as he suddenly found himself slammed against the wall of the hallway, Hermione’s wrathful face inches from his own. Pain radiated from the back of his skull where it connected with the solid stone, and he knew he would have a bruise by dinner.

    “Damnit, Granger, that hurt,” he moaned, wishing she would step back.

    She stayed squarely in front of him, glaring like a basilisk. “And I suppose it never occurred to you that it hurts me when you say that, does it? You are a horrible, spoiled, selfish brat, so why should it ever occur to you to think about others? But at least I can console myself that I will never sink as low as you!” Hermione finished, panting with the effort of loosing so many hateful words.

    Draco swallowed, momentarily stunned by her words. “My, my Granger, always such a nice girl; I didn’t know you had it in you,” he drawled at last.

    She slapped him this time, the flat of her hand catching him high on the cheek. It flared a brilliant scarlet before fading to an angry red.

    “Ow!” Draco wailed.

    Almost at once Hermione began to apologize, surprised by her own violence. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. Bashing someone who is down is your style, not mine. I shouldn’t have lost my temper.”

    “Damn right.”

    For a second he thought she was going to hit him again, and realized he really shouldn’t push his luck too many times in one day. He heaved a quiet sigh of relief when she dropped her hand. Instead, he found what she did next even worse.

    He, the prince of Slytherin, was being laughed at by a know-it-all mudblood. The humiliation was simply too much.

    “What?” Draco demanded, trying to look imperious; a fact that was ruined by the grimace he made as he gently rubbed his bruised skull.

    Still giggling, Hermione quickly picked up her books before walking away.

    “What is so funny?” Draco yelled after her, cheeks flushed from more than her slap.

    Her voice drifted back to him as she disappeared around the corner. “You’re incorrigible.”


    Only silence greeted him, and at last, a rather put out Draco trudged back to the common room, swearing about the bloody Gryffindors.

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    Aaaaand the winners are:

    First Place:
    Tough Brotherly Love by Phoenix Song

    Second Place:
    Why? by Sly Severus


    An Equal Beginning by crazy pusple hp freak

    Third Place:
    Bring him Home by Gmariam


    Conjugal Irritation by mugglemathdork

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