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Thread: Audiofictions are hard to find, unpublicized

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    Audiofictions are hard to find, unpublicized

    Maybe it's just me, but finding the latest Mugglenet audiofics does not seem to be terribly easy. Yes, I know you can subscribe via iTunes or some other service and get them automatically, but if you haven't done that -- if you like to just pick and choose which of the recently announced stories you want to download and listen to, you have to hunt around to actually find a link to where they are located.

    I can't find any link to the Black Lake or Podcast Alley or even a reference to audiofictions on MNFF's front page. The Audiofics page hasn't been updated since January. (And I had to hunt through old threads in the Black Lake forum to find it.) When new audiofics are announced, no link is provided.

    I notice this because this is the third time I've had to hunt around and Google for a few minutes before I finally found the link that took me to the episode I wanted to download, and that's when I vaguely knew where to find it. I suspect a new person who only knows that there are audiofictions somewhere will give up much more quickly.

    Also, Google for "audiofiction." The MNFF audiofics page is the fourth hit, but the title and summary indicates almost nothing about it -- anyone looking at that in their search results will probably skip right past it. (Add "fan fiction" or "MNFF" to your keywords, and it goes to the top of the list, but it's still a remarkably uninformative title and summary.)

    The Mermuggles go to a lot of work to record and produce these stories, and they could be great publicity for all the lovely fan fiction here. It's a shame that right now audiofiction seems to be the best-kept secret on MNFF.

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    I hope it's alright that I'm answering this because I'm a MerMuggle and know the answer...

    Thanks for your concern and feedback, Inverarity!

    Sadly, our mods are very busy with their real life and haven't been able to update our website. The good news is that if you go to: , you can listen to all of the audiofictions produced to date. They're all listed there and you can download or listen to your chosen fiction straight through the website.

    I hope this helps!

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