Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed?

Not sure how to earn your (new) house points?

Ready to dive head first into the forum life?

Come stop by the Check-In-Desk! It's the very first forum you'll see when you log on and there are TONS of tidbits in there to get you moving.

We're hashing out a few kinks and training new Seals but the members of Dumbledore's Navy will be waiting anxiously to answer any questions you may have about *anything* around the forums.

The shiniest thread we have created is one which the Navy members post links to the current challenges happening all across the site.

Currently in the works are a handful of manuals to get you out of every single situation or pickle you could ever think to get into while enjoying your time here on MNFF, as well as many other exciting tidbits being thrown into the Navy Plotting Cauldron of Fun.

So, don't be scared! Peek in and click on anything that allows you to. (and don't forget to ASK QUESTIONS!)

Welcome to the Beta Forums!

El Capitan of the Navy Seals