I was reading about Severus Snape the other day when I came across the following statement at the article Elieen Prince on Harry Potter Wiki.
Irma Pince has been rumoured to be Eileen in hiding, due to the fact that the letters in Pince's name can be rearranged to spell "I'm a Prince," but this has not been confirmed.
Is it a coincedence that her name translates to I'm a Prince ? I mean, JKR normally has a reason behind things. Even though I found in the lexicon that her name could origin from the word Pinch, in French: "Pince=French for "pinch," as in "pince-nez" glasses, an old-fashioned type that stay on by pinching the nose at the bridge." However, I don't think JKR confirmed this.

The Librarian is also described as follows: Irma Pince was a thin, sallow woman who had a wizened, hollow-cheeked face with a long, hooked nose. Her appearance was often compared to that of a vulture. "Sallow", "long, hooked nose" ? These are traits often used to describe Severus Snape: thin man with sallow skin and a large, hooked nose. I also think that we do not know when she died (if she did), so that leaves the case open.

However, Harry sees Snape's mother in DH in the chapter The Prince's Tale, would he have recognized her? Or was he so intent on the young Snape and Lily?

What do you think? Do you think it's posible that maybe JKR was thinking about indeed making the Librarian Snape's mother but then changed her mind? Or is it just an odd coincidence?