The year is 1979. Jo's Black family tree tells us that both Orion Black and Cygnus (Mrs Black's brother) died in this year. Regulus disappears the same year. Mistress becomes "mad with grief". I'm thinking it was not immediately thought that Regulus was dead.

How do you think these events were relayed in the Wizarding news. Blacks are a prominent pureblood, socialite, galleons-donating family. Orion and Cygnus' deaths must have been typically natural. But do you think Regulus's death became public? Or Walburga and Orion (if he died after his son) would have tried to shush it down with their connections and gold. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I think they were a little more human than that.

Is it likely then, for instance, that the Daily Prophet run an obituary or perhaps an editorial where Sirius was mentioned too? How would Sirius, James and Lily etc get the news?

But now I'm thinking Walburga knows very well Sirius's name would come somewhere in the speculation too and she's just not the one to let the name of her family be tarnished in the media like that. Hmm.

Question also is whether wizarding media can be put under a leash to downplay this news? How merciless do you think their reporters are? Perhaps during the First War the Ministry had a tighter hold of the Daily Prophet and its Radio Stations.

What do you think?

- Akay