Basically: Do you think that werewolves would be punished for killing (accidental or premeditated) during a full moon?

I doubt that before the battle of Hogwarts there was a punishment, otherwise how would Greyback have gotten away with everything he did? But also, before the battle, the Ministry couldn't exactly catch criminals... But after the battle, wouldn't the Ministry want to make sure that there was never anyone like Greyback again?

As for punishment, if there is one, what do you think it would be? For cutting Draco's arm, Buckbeak was sentenced to death - but Buckbeak was only an animal. When Hagrid was accused of accidentally killing a girl via Aragog, he had to drop out of Hogwarts and stop using magic. So, those are two examples of punishment for the handling of magical creatures and unintentional murder. Obviously with werewolves the situation is a bit different, as they are human but also turn into mindless, violent creatures once a month. I was thinking that since the invention of Wolfsbane potion, maybe there would be a punishment for not taking it, as that is what prevents killing (am I right here?).

Any help is appreciated