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Thread: Bossy Characters

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    I tend to use canon characters, but yes, that has indeed happened to me. I think it's because I don't plan things out beforehand, so I just write in whatever direction I think it the easiest.

    Often times, I might have a certain intention in mind. I may have a general idea of how I want to portray a certain character, but after I finish things up and read it over, I'll be like, "Whoa!" because I've just realized that my character has turned into something completely different from what I would have expected. Things can get out of control when characters take over; sometimes it's a little inevitable, it seems.

    I've also written original fiction with characters of my own creation, so in my head, I've developed them and I know what their personalities are like. But when I insert them into the story, they often surprise me by doing things that I would have never imagined.

    --Little Kitty

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    I think it's a sign that your original characters have become real people when they start calling the shots on their behaviour.

    And the best thing is, if someone tells you something that a character of yours did was OOC, you can smile mysteriously and say, "Ahh, but I know Jordan (or whatever your character's name is) better than you do, and I can tell you that what actually ends up in the story is only about 30% of the real Jordan (or whatever the character's name is). There's a lot of Jordan (or whatever the character's name is) that you haven't seen yet, and only I can tell what really is 'in character.'" Then everyone will think you're Wise Author Person Who Is Not To Be Trifled With. (I should get a t-shirt that says that.)

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    OC is taking over

    I don't hold conversations with my characters, but sometimes, my favorite OC's will cross over into various stories and even other fandoms than Harry Potter. However, sometimes, depending on the areas they cross into, it helps me build the character. I associated my one OC with everything Victorian and romantic, and it really helped me build up her likes and dislikes.

    I think the reason the OC is such a powerful character with writers is because we creat them ourselves. They are our characters, and possibly a little part of us and the people we know. We tend to sympathize with our OCs in ways we don't with our other characters. It's strange, but it works surprisingly well to help us writers build our fics.

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    This has only really happened with one OC. The canon characters sometimes pinch me and tell me, "Hey, you know, I'd never, ever do that. That's waaay OOC." But my OCs usually listen. All except Clara Blance.

    Clara was supposed to be a minor bi-character in my Maia in the Mirror story. A somewhat oppressed Slytherin Prefect who would end up being very helpful to the main character at some point, but would otherwise stay in the background. But then I sat down to describe her and write a little monologue from her, and she just broke free. Now she has so much backstory I might just have to give her her own fic.

    As if that wasn't enough, now Clara wants to write her own book. I never thought that giving her an interest for History of Magic and writing would make her want to write An Alternate History of Magic. She won't leave me alone, says I have to be her medium (wow, I sound insane). I'm doing so much research for her it's taking up most my time. She's got her own little private corner of my brain with an antique sofa, a gass lamp and an old-fashioned typing machine, and every once in a while she takes a stroll around my "library of knowledge", picking "books" down from shelves and making me think more about her project than my own. The introduction chapter will probably be posted some time within the next couple of weeks, under the pseudonym Prof Clara Blance.

    She drives me nuts...

    Don't be silly, I'm just helping you do your research properly!

    And she contradicts me all the time. Fun, though, to not be alone in ones head... But she's so sarcastic. -.-

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    Well, it seems I'm not the only one after all!

    I have had two main experiences with characters that won't do what I say. One of them, I'm afraid to say, I have abandoned for the moment. She became far too girly and prissy, insisting on being treated like a princess by everybody. She became way too 'plastic' and I just couldn't stand to write about her. I am still trying to bring her ego down a little and make her more of a real person, and if she starts to cooperate I may just write a story about her after all.

    The other one is my darling Althea. I created Althea for my one-shot, 'All I Have'. Originally, she was there to express something I wanted to say, and as a way for me to vent some of my feelings. While I was writing the story, she obeyed me beautifully and did almost exactly what I wanted her to (with a little imput of her own, which actually turned out for the better). But now, she's quite literally jumped off the page and become a real, fully developed, complex character. She is set on having a whole story written about her, and I am on the brink of despair because there isn't much more I can do with her. I really want to use her again as well, but the way I rounded off the story didn't leave all that much room for a sequel. In fact, a sequel would probably make the original story reduntant in it's message.

    No matter what I do though, Althea is still hovering around, whining about wanting the general public to see the many sides of her that never made it into my original story. I am trying to come up with a way to incorporate her into something else, without destroying the whole point of 'All I Have'. Hopefully I will be able to come up with something. Althea certainly isn't running out of ideas.

    Hmmn. I'm actually very confused. I thought I posted this in general fanfiction discussion, though it was probably in the wrong place. Did it get moved, or have I just had a massive memory lapse?

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    I am having the same experiences.

    I've written a lot of short-stuff filled with original characters, but my first HP fanfiction is going quite... interestingly. My characters really don't like to obey me, especially Harry. I can see why the Order was so worried about him in book 5 - he's a loose cannon! He absolutely refuses to do what I say (must be his whole problem with authority), and his mind keeps wandering to places I do NOT want it to go! It's quite infuriating.

    Ginny's also being ornery, and doesn't want to be in the room with Harry, it seems, even though I am trying to make their relationship an important part of the plot! Those two really are upsetting - I don't see how other writers cope with it...

    They're so cute together, though... when I manage it...

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    Short answer: Yes

    Longer answer: I'm writing an AU fic, and I had a character that was supposed to be mean, manipulative, and high control. I began writing and ended up with a Slytherin girl who will help people, but firmly believes in ends-justify-the-means.

    Urg the Barbarian

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    RON!!! *yells at the evil git*

    I have a habit of completely ignoring Harry in my fics or showing him in a "different" way through the eyes of other people who might see more of his faults. And I liked it thxvrmch. The fic that I'm working on now wasn't supposed to have more than whispers of Harry, Ron and Hermione and what they're doing, but I made the mistake of putting Ron in one conversation and he just took over and imposed himself.

    The fic was actually only meant to be 10-15 chapters long, but thanks to Ronnekins the plan has now changed to 24 and he's got about four chapters all to himself...*shakes head*


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    If characters didn't boss us around, it wouldn't be fanfiction. Let me tell you, if some of my characters came to life, they'd strangle me as soon as look at me. They always turn out the oppositte of what you plan them, so I always play the oppositte. If I need a quiet character, I generally make her loud. Then she rebels and volia! A quiet character is born. Same thing for nerdy or weird or beautiful characters. They never want to co-operate, unless you threaten to write a fic and kill them off, then they start to listen.

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    Ron x Hermione
    Do you ever find that your characters start to boss you around? Have you ever started writing a story with specific intentions, but your characters refuse to cooperate?

    Well, I don't feel that they "boss" me around, yet I do feel that they take on character traits and persona that I never intended them to. I really felt that way on one of my fics. I intended the "Bad guy" role not to be to my OC character... but it turned out that he tries to kill everybody, so that would make him bad.. obviously. I meant for him to just like "disappear" but.. that didn't happen, he ends up getting killed.

    LOL, but anyway, I didn't want to give too much away.

    If characters didn't boss us around, then fan fiction couldn't be very well-written as well. I mean, if we always stuck to canon, then all of the (now: 2914) authors would all basically have the same story.

    When characters boss us around, then they take on traits that we could have never intended them to have, and that means a new idea for a story. *Hint Hint*


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