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Thread: Bossy Characters

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    I've had this happen before, though not with fanfiction, unfortunately. But, instead with my roleplay characters. I imagine them and write their application to be a certain way, but then they end up being these ultimate soft people that I just bang my head and go, 'how the heck did that happen?' and yeahh. I'm in the middle of writing a fic though that was going to go strictly to the happenings of the series (seeing as how it's about an OC whose friends with Harry) but I've decided to just push my books aside and see what happens. My character, Maddie, hasn't gone crazy on me yet, but I have a feeling she's going to now that I've pushed the book aside. Oh well. I'll see what happens.

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    Young Analiza

    I got assigned to write a drabble about a 1st year who lost their pet for charms....

    I named her "Young Analiza", and I had no idea what her last name was. She was to be Gryffindor, 1st year in Neville's 7th, shy, non- outstanding, with a little tiny kitten. She was to become closer to Ginny or Luna or both by the end of the drabble. Then she was to go away.

    Now, I'm doing my Hufflepuff Gauntlet on her. She is now Hufflepuff, same year as before, gorgeous [she just came out that way- black hair and pale skin], with stange eyes. She has a very definite last name which I won't say. She has a fat grey cat named Squidy. She is practically a myth, and the center of non- DA related upspurrings. There are rumors flying about her, and I am desperatly trying to keep away from Mary- Sue land.

    What hapened??????????????

    I have absolutely no idea, but I'm not upset- she's my favorite charater.

    Oh, and I am crazy- and I reallydo like random PMs!!

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    *stares around* Tis a ghost town here.

    Well, let me say that I've never known the troubles of creating an OC untill I joined MNFF. I used to just think of a name, jot down some quirks and be done with it. Now, when I read over old stories, I see about a katrillion (sure, it's a number) inconsitantsies (no, I don't know how to spell that).

    Now, onto them creating themselves.

    I guess it happens often. Emily, my favorite character yet, is supposed to be evil, snide, rude, smart, and a loner. She often tends to start saying things that I never planner for her to say, and when I imagine the scenes in my head whilst writing, I just see her in a complete different way. She's starting to take on a life of her own, and it's not complying with my story

    Well, good MNFFeners, get them fingers-a-typin! Classes may have started but you should still have time to have good, light hearted discussions!

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    *pops around to haunt a little*

    Sometimes - or let's face it, most of the time, - I feel that my characters couldn't possibly care less about their author. In the majority of cases, I feel more of a medium than an author - feeling like I'm channelling someone's spirit rather than writing a story, ghostwriting, as it were. It's not me putting them in MY story, it's usually THEM letting me write their story down.

    As if original characters out of fictions weren't bad enough, canon characters (or at least one wonderful Professor I tend to write about) boss me around shamelessly. I started from doing my best to recreate my vision of the character - then, after a few pages, all I could do is observe and write down, now and then shaking my head and muttering 'what on earth does he think he is doing/saying/thinking?'. Needless to say, my comments were utterly ignored. Serves me right, for having the nerve to try and manipulate Severus Snape of all people.

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    Rhi for HP
    Do you ever find that your characters start to boss you around? Have you ever started writing a story with specific intentions, but your characters refuse to cooperate?
    What a good idea for a thread! I totally have this problem. Recently I tried writing two OCs, brothers. I had their whole story planned out for them but Reuben *glares* had other ideas...somehow when I sat down to type his character turned out 180 degrees different from how I had intended him to be--prudish and prejudiced and in fear of his brother. Rahim, his older brother, turned out really rather quiet--strange, as he's supposed to be popular--, and a lot more awesome than he was supposed to be. I wanted Reuben to have the heart of gold, and Rahim to have one deep, deep, down. But I turned out liking Rahim a whole lot more--and rather hating Reuben. Now I don't know what to do. Scrap the story and rewrite it more forcefully? But then I feel like I'm hurting them, somehow--I gave them life, so I don't feel like I have the right to take it away.

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    I really have problems with this. I started out with an OC, Leah Grayson, in my fic Finding Someone New. She was supposed to be this mousy, quiet girl, who was unfortunately unnoticable, and so she found out most of the latest gossip and passed it on to Lily or Charlotte, where they made use of it.

    Apparently she didn't like that, because first, she gave herself the role of being Remus's Aunt (His grandparents had one kid when they were really young, and one when they were considered old to have a child.) Then she decided that she wanted to be unnoticed, but if she didn't work at it, she would be very noticable. Then she decided that she would be in between both groups, best friends with Lily and Charlotte, but also good friends with the Marauders, and even helping them out in a few pranks.

    I made a big mistake in letting her go this far, because before I knew it, she started popping up in drabbles for my MWPP class, and now she even wants her own story.

    Not that this is a bad thing, but she keeps distracting me from the main story. Before, she was just a minor, she's a fully developed character that demands scenes of her own, and keeping her happy takes up a lot of my time.

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    I hate this! You'll see, I had this wonderfully shy, careful character named Mary. She was molested as a child and supposed to have as much life as a dog with no legs.

    And then I start to write her. She's quiet, yes, but not shy. Her thoughts are intricate and judgemental as well as loud and obxious.

    I pictured her to think as this, " She seems nice. I wish she were my mate."

    Instead its this, "Samantha is a seemingly kind girl, though a bit plain. A perfect match for me!"

    What I mean to say is that I WANTED her to have no personality, I wanted her to be to frightened of the world to devolp intelligent thoughts. Now, though, she uses words I don't even know the meaning too!

    Another example is Salina Potter. She was supposed to be James-long-lost twin. I had a picture in my mind, a shallow, bossy, concited thrill-seeker. And she started out like that but she soon devolped into a deep, sad, parnoid girl who cares too much about other people then I'd like her too. And because of this, James came out the same! The story is so horrible I can't even consider submitting it.

    I think that all are problems are, are that we are character writers. We right for our characters. I'm writing a novella centered around this unpleasant girl named Eve, and I'm basically letting her write her one story. I have barely any plot ideas, but a character as real as I am! She's beautiful, strong, tempermental, speaks her mind, and is pretty poison. As a person, I'd call her a name that I can't type here.

    The same thing happened with Stephenie Meyer, also a character writer. She didn't want Edward Cullen to do something we all HATED in New Moon, but it was something the character had to do. And, no matter how many tears it caused me, it made him more real for it. It made a plausible, personable real person with thoughts and emotions. It made him human. Or a vampire. Or whatever, you should get my point. Anyways, I think anybody that has this problem is a character writer.

    Personally, when a story with a character that has been bossy and changed dramatically is finished, I like it better despite all the annoying changes to go with the new character.

    Okay, now its some else's turn to share. I love hearing these stories.

    - Alex

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    I know what you mean, you have the perfect ideas for your characters, but when you start to write it down, all your characters can seem to do is complain. So your original plan is completely changed for the characters' needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by some_kinda_superstar
    Do you ever find that your characters start to boss you around? Have you ever started writing a story with specific intentions, but your characters refuse to cooperate?

    I have often found that characters I write take on a life of their own. They do things I don't want them to do, and take on character traits I never intended for them. Quite often a story will come out completely different to how I originally planned it, simply because one or more of the characters had a will of their own.

    So, does this happen to anyone else, or am I just crazy?

    I feel like tha happens all the time! I am always getting frustrated at my characters for not doing what I want, but in the end I give up, and usually like the direction the take me in!

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    Hufflepuff at Heart
    Hmm, yes, I'm starting to have problems with an OC character myself. I normally stick to the characters we already know, but for this story I needed to invent a new one.

    She was never meant to be an important character; she was simply there to antagonise Lily and inconvenience the Marauders from time to time. She was a gossip-monger, who worshipped the ground at Sirius' feet and thrived in company.

    In other words, she was more a cypher than a real person. And I was going to leave it at that.

    But then I looked at Beth Williams, and I felt kind of sorry for her. I had just left her as an obstacle for the main characters to climb over. She didn't have any real personality. So I decided to delve deeper. Now, I'm not saying that what I found was a huge improvement. But I discovered things like the absent parents who felt extravagant presents were an appropriate replacement for their love; Beth's yearning to go to Beauxbaton instead of Hogwarts; her insecurities about being alone. I mean, I'm still adamant that she isn't going to get Sirius; she is far too stuck up for him and I can't imagine her learning enough to ever change her ways, but now I feel kind of sorry for her. She's spending seven years of your life chasing after someone who will never return her affections.

    Now, when I look at the story, I look at ways to show Beth's more human side. And this is for a character who was simply meant to pose a problem to them from time to time; more of a Pansy Parkinson than anything (I do not mean the Pansy in fandom; I simply mean that in the books she is relatively underdeveloped.)!

    Well, I suppose it's not a catastrophe, but it certainly did put Beth Williams in a light I had never imagined before! I imagine that some of it has to do with the fact that I'm relatively inexperienced when it comes to writing OCs... I have far more planned about her now than I was ever going to give her screen time for. Oh well...

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