Oh, what lovely reviews you two girls have given me. Thank you so much! Anywho... on to the questions.

Kelly's Questions:

I've noticed that you seem to be fond of Draco. Which to you prefer to read and write: Draco/Hermione, Draco/Astoria, or Draco/Someone else? Or, perhaps, do you prefer to write one pairing and read another?
I love to read Draco/Hermione, but only very well-written Dramione fics, as I their cliches can be rather horrid. I've found, however, that writing them is more difficult, which is why I have chosen to try my hand at them with a chaptered story. I really like writing Draco/Pansy and Draco/Astoria. I've found their pairings more fun to write because the characters are either minor or practically an OC. So I guess I prefer a mixture of both while reading, and mostly Draco/Astoria or Draco/Someone else.

I noticed that you had some poetry on your Author's Page. Is there anything in particular that inspires you to write poetry rather than prose?
I think my more angsty side likes poetry as an outlet rather than to prose, as well as matters of relationships. It really just depends on the mindset that I am in that dictates what style I use.

Cassie's Question:

A lot of your fics involve members of the Malfoy family, whom I consider to be some of the 'darker' characters. Do you find that you have to work hard at their characterisation, or does writing them come naturally to you?
Draco was always my first choice when it came to writing fanfiction. I'm not sure why, but I find him the easiest to write. Then, I found this lovely little character named Narcissa, and I realised that I adore writing her as well. These two characters typically just come naturally to me. I really identify with some of the things Draco deals with (such as his family pressures and insecurity) so I think that's why he comes so naturally to me. Lucius, on the other hand, I have to really work hard on to even get him a fourth of the way right. I detest writing his character because I just can't find a comfortable place with him.

Thanks for the questions, gals. *squishes*