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Thread: Sirius Black being disowned.

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    Sirius Black being disowned.

    When was Sirius Black disowned? Do we know? I remember it was around hs fifth year, but I can't find OoTP.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Now this is what it says in my edition of OotP:

    Quote Originally Posted by OotP, 47
    "You're not on here!" said Harry, after scanning the bottom of the tree.
    "I used to be there," said Sirius, pointing at a small, round, charred hole in the tapestry, rather like a cigarette
    burn. "My sweet old mother blasted me off after I ran away from home - Kreacher's quite fond of muttering
    the story under his breath."
    "You ran away from home?"
    "When I was about sixteen," said Sirius. "I'd had enough."
    "Where did you go?" asked Harry, staring at him.
    "Your dad's place," said Sirius. "Your grandparents were really good about it; they sort of adopted me as a
    second son. Yeah, I camped out at your dad's during the school holidays, and then when I was seventeen I
    got a place of my own, my Uncle Alphard had left me a decent bit of gold - he's been wiped off here too, that's
    probably why - anyway, after that I looked after myself. I was always welcome at Mr. and Mrs. Potter's for
    Sunday lunch, though."
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    Thanks. I just needed it to be accurate for my fic.

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