I have reached a point where I want to take a next-gen character (Teddy Lupin) shopping for his wand. And this got me thinking about what would have happened to Ollivaner's once the war was over.

I personally do not think he would still have been working in the shop. He was very old in the time of DH and his experiences in that year could not have been good for him - he might even be dead by the time of my fic. Therefore I need someone to replace him. I have so far come across three options, that others have used in fanfiction.

1 - Ollivander continues to work in the shop himself, sometimes with an assistant.
2 - Some sort of family member takes over the running of the shop. However I'm not so sure he strikes me as a family kind of man. He is more of a Dumbledore type (has lived his life alone)
3 - Another person takes over the running of the shop.

Right now, three seems to be the best option to me but I need to decide who. I quite like the idea of Luna though I am not sure how believable she would be as she is so often imagined to spend her adult life hunting creatures. However, she spent a long time with Ollivander and got to know him well. It is likely he would have wanted his busniess to pass into the hands of someone he knew and trusted. She is a Ravenclaw and has shown herself to be very intelligent. I can imagine the uncertainties of wandlore would be a subject she would thrive on and she certainly seems to share a similar mysterious/dreamy temperament that you might say Ollivander had. Any alternative thoughts on who it could be? The ideal would be to create an OC, I suppose.

There is also the question of whether Ollivander's would retain its share of the market if the man himself died. Without his superior wandmaking skills, would other wandmakers find it easier to set up shop and get custom.

So, does anyone have any opinion on the future of Ollivander's?