I've always pictured Lily as a Hermione-sort person. Very studious and rule abiding, but then, as many other's mentioned, I also see her as being quite spontaneous around her friends and peers. I've always had a perfect picture of Lily (or so I thought) but now, in my story, I have no idea if she is acting to her character or not.

In one of the stories I'm working on, James, Lily and one of their close friends from Hogwarts accidentaly time travel 24 years into the future (I know - it's such a cliche plot-line! But mine isn't based on the time travel or Harry being reunited with his parents at all. You'll just have to read it and find out). Lily is scared to death about leaving Harry behind in their time with Voldemort diligently searching for him. When they run into Harry (as assumed would happen...) well...I'll just give you an exerpt:

Harry stared shocked at the fiery haired woman in front of him. "Mum?" he croaked out, barely hearing is own voice. Her large emerald eyes grew bigger as she mouthed the his name. Harry nodded with and indecisive, confused look on his face.

Harry walked across the room and sat in the chair next to her bed. He quickly clenched his eyes shut in desperate attempts to not cry. Lily turned and smiled at him with a look Harry had never seen before, a mother's love. Tears quickly formed in her eyes as sat up and looked him over.

"You survived," she sobbed into his shoulder...

I know it's kind of short. But that seems to be the only part that I am worried about so far. So, does she seem in character...unrealistic...totaly barabaric? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


(Oh, and I know this isn't Harry's page...but does he seem alright too?)