[QUOTE=wishiwereaweasley]I tend to see her as spunky, but almost cold. She doesn't let people in easily and she pushes herself to prove to everyone that she belongs there.

I know some flaws that have been suggested for her are pride, arrogance, the ability to hold a grudge, stubborness.[/QUOTE=wishiwereaweasley]

I disagree there. J.K. Rowling has already mentioned several times that Lily Evans was a person to forgive easily. Just think how she married someone whom she had disapproved of previously for years. I imagine her as someone who gets angry quickly and cools down just as fast.
She has a strong sense of right and wrong, it's true, but she also knows when something wrong done for the right reason is a good thing.

I think she was a sunshiny person. Anyone who came in contact with her was better for it. I think she treated James the way she did because she was showing him that she didn't approve of his actions, but I'm sure that whenever he behaved well she was just as fast to reward him for it, perhaps with a smile.
I agree that the cliched, slap-happy Lily Evans is not plausible.

J.K. Rowling has said she was a "catch," and she was, but she wasn't the popular, cheerleader type. She was a girl very different and not afraid to be good, and I think she may have intrigued many because she was unique - a beautiful girl who's anything but shallow.

What's wrong with being beautiful? What's wrong with being talented? Just because not everybody is like that, doesn't mean she can't be. Otherwise she wouldn't have been so significant.
I think everyday she tried to improve herself and her friends.

She does have faults. As I said earlier, I think she had a quick temper (but no grudges.) I think she may have been overbearing and motherly-ish, which can be a fault.

She also had fears and hopes. As a young girl J.K. Rowling hints that she was eager to dispel any thoughts of Muggle-born inferiority, and that probably continued on with her as she got older, so any reference to her blood status would probably offend her.