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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part V

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    Hello! I'm sorry if a similar question has already been asked, but I'm kind of getting worried. I sent a PM to songbook99 requesting a sorting quiz a couple weeks ago, and I still haven't heard back. Am I just being impatient, or did something go wrong? Or... both? Thank you for helping, and once again, I'm really, really sorry if something like this has already been asked. I searched for a good amount of time (or at least what I felt was a good amount of time) to see if anything similar was posted, but then I just decided to go for the question. I'm going to feel incredibly guilty if this problem has already been brought up...

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    Songbook99 just returned from vacation so I'm sure she has a mass of PMs in her inbox. Please just try to be patient and if nothing turns up in a week, either send her a new PM or PM me and I will try to help you.

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    posting questions?

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    How can I post a question in the forum where you are looking for a certain fic? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Many of our forums require you to be sorted before you can post. Virtually all require you to be registered and logged in.

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    I know I'm being lame, but what can I say, it comes naturally...

    I did an extensive re-working of a chapter in one of my fics. I have 94 people who have listed the fic as one of their favorites . The next chapter I post is going to have a HUGE missing piece if people don't go back and read the new ending. Is there any way I can let them know that they really ought to go back and read that chapter again?

    *feels sheepish* This is what I get for trying to hurry.

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    I know there have been problems with post counts and all that jazz with the erasing of threads and all, but I have a question did you change one of the non-post count forums to a post count forum because my post count just went up from 112 to around 212 and its happend to other people too...


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    Is hotlinking forbidden on MNFF forums, or is it just frowned upon? I am not able to get a photobucket account, and I love banners. Is there a way around this, without having to spend money or give up banners?

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    Fawkes - When you post the next chapter, post an Author's Note informing your readers of the additional material.

    nysuperstarz - Yes your post counts are going to jump around as threads are moved about.

    AurorGirl101 - Do NOT hotlink. Hotlinking eats banner maker's bandwidth. You should locate a free web host for your graphics. Photobucket is not the only one out there.

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    Hi. I wasn't sure where to ask this, I'm sorry if I'm in the wrong place.

    On MNFF, am I allowed to submit a poem about an OC of mine? I originally wrote the poem for something unrelated, but I just realised it fits my OC perfectly! The story she is in is only a one-shot, but you would still have to read it to fully understand the poem. It doesn't tell a story, it's more just a description of her feelings. Am I allowed to submit it, or do poems have to relate to canon?

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    Poems generally have to be Harry Potter related, although not necessarily canonical.

    However, if you have a story up that relates to Harry Potter, and the poem directly relates to thet story, then you may submit the poem for consideration. I'm not saying it will definately be validated, and you must include an A/N explaining how the poem connects to the world of Harry Potter via your OC and the one-shot.
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