I have four stories running, and I might not be able to edit either of them before a long time--possibly more than the 6 months time after which the fic is considered abandoned. The reason for that is that I'm starting my first year of medicine studies and I'll have absolutely no time to write. I'll probably have no time to sleep either, come to think of it .

However, I don't plan to abandon my stories and I really wish they wouldn't be deleted in a "Spring Cleaning" or something of the sort, even if they haven't been updated in months. I'll try to write one or two chapters for each of them in the coming year, but it might not be even possible. After my exams, though, I intend to update all of them as frequently as possible.

So, would it be possible to keep the stories in the archive, even if I don't give any sign of life for months? Pleaaaaase?

I'll make sure to add an A/N in the summaries, in order to warn the readers of the long wait, of course.