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Thread: Narcissa Malfoy (née Black)

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    She didn't want him involved with the Death Eaters at all, so I don't think she wants him out there fighting.

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    Hmm, I think it probably depends, she may not personally want him fighting, but he might have to, considering his situation. It depends on how cannon your story is. Is Lucius still alive? Is Draco trusted or is he just there becasue he's being blackmailed? It's likely that Narcissa doesn't want him there, but he'll want to because it's her life that's being threatened.

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    Sly Severus
    Narcissa doesn't want Draco to fight. She doesn't want him anywhere near danger. When Draco was given his task, her first reaction was to shift as much danger from him to Severus as possible. She wants to keep her son safe.

    However, she also doesn't seem that rational about it. She will not support Draco fighting, even if it is his best chance to stay safe. Like say, the Dark Lord, for some unknown reason, overlooks his complete failure and wants him to fight. If he refuses, he would be killed. In my opinion, Narcissa would still want to keep him out of the battle and most likely take them both into hiding.

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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    I think she has a blinding love for her son, and would keep him wrapped up in cotton wool if she could. She's clearly the sort of person who gets hysterical, and I think she'd do everything she could to prevent him from fighting on any side.
    As we've seen from the books, he doesn't really respect her authority over him (he gives his mum the slip in HBP) so even if she locked him in a room and took away his wand, he'd do all he could to get out.
    If Bella's still around, you could have her helping him get away to the battle, as she seems to think Draco needs to prove himself.
    But I think she'd have lots of reasons for wanting to get him out of any battle, and you should expand on this. What about if someone close to her got killed in a battle? I think if you want to go the full hog, you need to give her more than one reason for wanting Drakee safe.

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    Narcissa Malfoy

    Does anyone have any ideas what caused Narcissa to go against the Dark Lord serval times? (for instance talking to Snape, helping Harry) Was it because of Andromeda's descion she was more willing to help "the good side"? Did she see what Bellatrix had become and not wanted to go that way? Was it a bad experince she had? Or was her love for Draco just that strong?

    Any ideas at all are welcomed!

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    I don't think it was anything beyond wanting to protect her family and her legacy (and yes, she obviously absolutely adored him). Draco is the only child of that entire generation acknowledged by EITHER the Black, Malfoy or Lestrange families; Regulus & Sirius had no children that we know of, Bellatrix had no children, Andromeda was disowned, Rabastan appears to have remained single, and Lucius appears to have been an only child.

    Narcissa gives every indication of having taken the pureblood superiority preachings of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black to heart, and remember, Slytherins will protect their own. Everyone seems to have this mentality that Slytherins are callous and egotistical to the exclusion of their own interests and this is really not the case.

    She knew Draco had to survive to pass on the bloodline or the families and everything they stood for were going to die out, and if the reigning psycopathic megalomaniac is going to destroy that, she's smart enough to get out when she can, and direct her efforts to a less threatening cause.

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    I think it was probably a combination of everything you said here.

    Was it because of Andromeda's descion she was more willing to help "the good side"?

    I believe so, to a certain extent. I think that her concerns were more self-serving, and I don't really think that she actually believed in the good cause. I think that Andromeda's decision made Narcissa more comfortable with helping Harry and the Order.

    Did she see what Bellatrix had become and not wanted to go that way?

    No. She was always far far FAR from Bella's personality, and she knew it. Her child also helped her to become more compassionate. Her personality differs so much from Bella's, that you don't even need to worry about this.

    I believe that, the most overwhelming cause for her 'good side' conversion, was Draco, and her husband. Her love for them, and it really makes her dare to do the dangerous. Like CM said, Slytherins protect their own.


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    We understand that Narcissa is very proud of her pureblooded line, but that doesn't nessicarily mean that she was evil. I think she felt that it was her duty to serve Voldemort since her husband had. I think, however, that once her son was dragged in, she grew even further apart. Being a Malfoy was a wonderful coverup for her. Personally, I believe that she was following out of fear and loyalty to her husband, not the Dark Lord. In fact, Narcissa probably had a small flame of hate for Voldemort that she did a very good job of being secretive about. I don't see her a big violent person. Just a woman who wants the best for her family and will do anything to make sure her son is safe and out of danger.

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    I think she may have idolized Andromeda for being a rebel, and seen Bella as being too conformant, and too normal.

    I think she also suffered from a lack of any real loyalty. I mean, she betrayed Voldermort, basically resulting in his death.

    I think the only loyalty she felt was towards Draco.

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    I think the only loyalty she felt was towards Draco.
    And Lucy. Despite what some think, the Malfoys were a tightly-knit bunch. (just look at Makani's artwork!)

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