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Thread: Narcissa Malfoy (née Black)

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    Narcissa Malfoy (née Black)

    I've started a story about Narcissia Black's years at Hogwarts, and i wanted to make syre she was well chacterized. The first chapter is finished (not in queue yet, though). So I thought I'd give you an example of how I've chacterized her and you can tell me what you think.


    “No, I don’t think so.” Narcissia felt slightly let down. “My parents are both Moogles, so I doubt anyone in my family wrote a book concerning anything that has to do with magic.”


    “She means Muggles. Her parents are Muggles, not Moogles, whatever those are.”

    “So you’re a Mudblood!?!”

    “Watch your mouth!” Elle snapped.

    "I can’t talk to you.” Narcissia practically sprinted away from the compartment. Her parents had been painfully clear that she was not to associate with anyone less than half blood.

    “Elle,” Lily asked as they watched the blonde run down the train car, “What’s a Mudblood?”

    Any imput is greatly aprriciated.
    Also, does anyone think it's out of canon for me to have Narcissia start Hogwarts at the same time as Sirius? I looked on the Black Family Tree, but Surius was, of course, removed.

    Edit- Thanks for all your help, first chapter is now posted!

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    Dumbledore Prince
    Note to the mod: I double-checked for older Narcissa threads and couldn't find any.

    I know that the purpose of your excerpt is to get feedback on characterisation, but it's a little hard to say whether you've got it right or not, because we don't see too much of Narcissa. Yes, she is a Black, and therefore she is expected to liaise with pure-bloods alone, but I think she's too subtle to use the word "Mudblood" rather openly. Perhaps she was not so cautious when she was young (compare Draco's behaviour at Madam Malkin's with Narcissa's), but she does have basic knowledge of what is considered highly offensive and cannot be used casually.

    Basically, she needs to be a little more subtle in the excerpt.

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    “So you’re a Mudblood!?!”
    I agree with Dumbledore Prince, Narcissa needs to be more subtle.

    From what I've seen, Narcissa isn't really the type to call people Mudbloods, especially at that young of an age. Instead, I think she would be more likely to give a Muggleborn a nasty look. She was probably a snob and thought she was better than everyone with lower blood status when she was at Hogwarts (and out of Hogwarts, for that matter).

    Also remember that the Excerpts of Murtlap forum is available, if you haven't posted there already.

    Also, does anyone think it's out of canon for me to have Narcissia start Hogwarts at the same time as Sirius?
    Narcissa was born in 1955 and Sirius was born in 1959 or 1960, so it would be un-canon to have them in the same year. However, Narcissa would be at Hogwarts with Sirius, just a few years ahead of him.

    Narcissa is a challenge to write, but I think with some practice you'll be able to write a very believable Narcissa. Good luck!

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    I believe Sirius once said that, 'most Black's thought themselves royalty.' Or something along those lines. This is how I perceive Narcissa - someone who thinks very highly of themselves.

    I would also use what we have seen from Lucius Malfoy as building blocks for her attitude. The way she talks about him, I could see her as perhaps in love with him. Or in love with his image. Either way, she seems to think he is doing things very right, and would probably strive to be like him (with the exception of becoming a DE). Use the adult Narcissa as a draft for your child Narcissa because she does grow to become her, no matter how you make her act in your story.

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    When we first meet Narcissa properly in canon (GOF at the Quidditch World Cup) Harry describes her as being quite nice looking, if she hadn't had a look on her face as if there was a nasty smell under her nose.

    I agree with the others, that Narcissa is probably, even at a young age, more subtle than to use 'Mudblood' openly. Rather, you could possibly describe her as 'nice looking', maybe even friendly to start off with. However on learning that Lily is Muggleborn, she would probably become instantly slightly 'colder' in her manner, with the characteristic sneer beginning to play on her face. She might also make a feeble excuse and walk away from Lily, never to approach her again.

    In the scene here, I don't know whether Narcissa is with any of her fellow Slytherins. She strikes me as the type who would be 'nastier' to others if she were in a group of people. Therefore, once at Hogwarts, and safe amongst her group of Slytherin friends, she might be more content to bully Lily more and call her 'Mudblood' more openly.

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    Jo has always suggested that Narcissa is a bit more clever than we, the readers, may suppose. She confinced Lucius to sent Draco to Hogwarts. Now, how many people convince Lucius of anything? She also got Snape to do that Unbreakable Vow, which demonstrated that she orchestrated the entire trip to Spinner's End to get to that part. The woman is not dumb, and I don't think she's socially inept, either. She would probably not spit out 'Mudblood' on the train at first. She may have gotten that look on her face like there was something rotting under her nose, turned in the other direction, and said something slightly rude while leaving the compartment, but I doubt she would have exclaimed the word 'Mudblood.' I don't see her exclaiming anything, actually. I think she would show the surprise, but then regain her composure.

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    Question for a fic I'm writing.

    If Narcissa found herself (and Draco, possibly Snape as well) on the run from the Death Eaters and in need of a place to go, is it unfeasable that she would go to her sister, Andromeda? As a last resort? If she knew they would be killed if they stayed put?

    This won't come up for another few chapters, but I thought I'd best give myself time to plan!

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    Narcissa Malfoy

    Does anyone have any ideas what caused Narcissa to go against the Dark Lord serval times? (for instance talking to Snape, helping Harry) Was it because of Andromeda's descion she was more willing to help "the good side"? Did she see what Bellatrix had become and not wanted to go that way? Was it a bad experince she had? Or was her love for Draco just that strong?

    Any ideas at all are welcomed!

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    I don't think it was anything beyond wanting to protect her family and her legacy (and yes, she obviously absolutely adored him). Draco is the only child of that entire generation acknowledged by EITHER the Black, Malfoy or Lestrange families; Regulus & Sirius had no children that we know of, Bellatrix had no children, Andromeda was disowned, Rabastan appears to have remained single, and Lucius appears to have been an only child.

    Narcissa gives every indication of having taken the pureblood superiority preachings of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black to heart, and remember, Slytherins will protect their own. Everyone seems to have this mentality that Slytherins are callous and egotistical to the exclusion of their own interests and this is really not the case.

    She knew Draco had to survive to pass on the bloodline or the families and everything they stood for were going to die out, and if the reigning psycopathic megalomaniac is going to destroy that, she's smart enough to get out when she can, and direct her efforts to a less threatening cause.

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    I think it was probably a combination of everything you said here.

    Was it because of Andromeda's descion she was more willing to help "the good side"?

    I believe so, to a certain extent. I think that her concerns were more self-serving, and I don't really think that she actually believed in the good cause. I think that Andromeda's decision made Narcissa more comfortable with helping Harry and the Order.

    Did she see what Bellatrix had become and not wanted to go that way?

    No. She was always far far FAR from Bella's personality, and she knew it. Her child also helped her to become more compassionate. Her personality differs so much from Bella's, that you don't even need to worry about this.

    I believe that, the most overwhelming cause for her 'good side' conversion, was Draco, and her husband. Her love for them, and it really makes her dare to do the dangerous. Like CM said, Slytherins protect their own.


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