What kind of animals would be prized for 'pure' bloodlines do you think, or at least would have people dedicated to them and whatnot.

So far:

Magical Horses
Dogs (don't know which kind, if i should stick to strictly magical ones like Crups, or go out to 'guard dogs' or 'lap dogs' ect)
Birds (what kinds? just pretty ones, or one for a purpose?)

Or really exotic animals like Hippocampus, or Hippogryffs

In wizarding society, do you think people would like to spend alot of money on animals to make them look better off? Like how noble women would get dogs, just because having a small dog had no use whatsoever and that it was merely for entertainment and people who could waste money like that had to be really wealthy?

And do you think creatures may have been used to guard properties ect along with wards and magic?

Pretty much, in one of my stories the family is going to be breeders and/or trainers of animals (havent decided what yet) and its going to play a pretty integral part because my main character isnt very popular, somewhat of a loner and needs something to dive into so he can keep himself busy., so I need to see how that will work in with everything else I have set up. But you can pretty much ignore that, and just tell me what you personally think its like. And feel free to add other creatures, ect.