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Thread: Fiction Juntion's Last Minute Review Fest!

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    I would love to leave a review for you, Astro. Expect it later today or tomorrow morning.

    As for me, I would like a review for any of my stories really, but if I had to choose... Um, maybe Ripped at the Seams or Alone in Nature? It's really up to you, though.

    Edit: Here's your review. By the way, I'm known as Ginny_Alamalexia on the archives.

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    I would love to review one of your stories, Azhure. Expect one soon.

    EDIT: Here're the reviews for Ripped At the Seams, chapter one and chapter two.

    As for me, I'd like the poster after me to review one story of Roxy Black.
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    Coming right up.

    I'd like... a duel, perhaps. Or a review for Slight Hope would be lovely.


    Hannah's edit. Just so you know - unlike the Easter Egg Exchange, this challenge is for archive reviews only, rather than drabbles or duels

    Ari: Ah... that's why it says 'Review fest' huh? *headdesk*

    Review Edit: And here it is.

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    Ari, here is your review.

    I would really like review for A Mix of Alliances and Sentiments, but any other fic is perfectly fine.

    - Mercy

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    Positively amazing A Mix of Alliances and Sentiments trailer by lunaselenia.

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    Mercy, I'll do this for you.

    I don't mind a review for any of my stories.


    Review for Mercy.

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    BB, I'll happily leave a review for you. Expect it tomorrow. Here 'tis!

    As for me, could someone please review one of Hermoine Jean Granger's stories?


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    I will do a review for Shar. It would be a pleasure.

    Here is a review for HJ's A Confusing Conundrum

    As for me. Um... I've had some lovely reviews recently so I'd really like someone to review Inspirations new story Bittersweet which has been written for her Written Word Challenge.

    Thank you


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    I'll review Bittersweet by Inspirations.

    As for me, just take your pick of a story on my Author Page HERE. And thanks ahead of time to anyone who reviews a story of mine.

    I'll edit in the review for Inspirations!

    EDIT: Here is my Review for Inspirations wonderful story.

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    I'll review one of your stories, Sheena!

    As for me, a review on Fight Over A Toothbrush would be awesome. Else, you can head over to my Author's Page and review whatever catches your fancy. XD Thanks in advance!

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    I'll review that, love! Expect it within the next few hours!

    I would love a review for...Saying Goodbye which is a story I co-wrote with BE Evans.


    Edit: Reviewed!

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