To give you all a last minute chance to earn points for your houses before the end of terms arrives and the house cup is awarded, I am going to try out a short version of a new challenge I was thinking about the other day.

Most houses have some sort of a review circle and having seen the success of things like the Easter Egg exchange where members are doing something nice for each other, I thought it might be nice to have an inter-house review circle.

Basically, each person chooses a story of theirs that they would like to receive a review for and in return they write a review for the person above them. I will award up to seven (yes seven, because it’s the most powerful magical number ) points per review depending on how detailed and helpful I think they are (though I’m not expecting you to be members of SPEW!) If you could provide a link to your story that would be great so that people don't have to go searching!

Because term ends on 19th, you have until 10pm GMT on the 18th to participate in this challenge (so it really is short but sweet, but I thought I’d test how this works).

You may claim spots but if you don’t return with your review you won’t earn any spots and you may not claim another spot until you have completed your first reviews. You can enter as many times as you like

So have fun and let’s see how many reviews you can get done in four days!

To start, rather than giving one of my own fics to be reviewed (because I've done it a lot in the Easter Exchange and I'm feeling greedy), I would like you to review Final Thoughts by mudbloodproud because it's always nice for someone to get a surprise review!

If you want to participate but don't have any fics on the archive, you may post another fic by another author to be reviewed as a treat for them.

EDIT: A couple of added rules after some people have asked me questions.

If you don't have a specific story in mind you may link to your author page.

If the fic you review is chaptered, you may post reviews for more than one chapter and they will each count as individual reviews. However they would have to say something different and be good reviews to earn max points.