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Thread: The Legalities of Crup Ownership

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    The Legalities of Crup Ownership


    In my story, a group of first-years sneak out of the castle at night spying on their young professor. She catches them but shows them her secret, which is that she is harboring a crup in the Forest, a crup who still has his forked tail.
    I know that the law dictates that crup owners must have a license and must Sever the crup's tail at an early age. My story is that the professor's brother neglected to get the crup's tail severed (and probably didn't have a crup license). When he was "incapacitated" (sent to jail on an unrelated charge), he left the professor in charge of the crup. She, too, has no license, and is left with the problem of an illegal crup. Any ideas as to what the laws/penalties are concerning illegal crup ownership? Just looking for a bit of brainstorming here, really, and any thoughts on the topic are welcome.
    Thank you!

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    I think this sounds too dramatic and overblown for something as mundane as Crup ownership. Remember, it's not a dragon - it's just a Jack Russel Terrier with a forked tail.

    I think the Ministry might just fine her and give a long lecture about how this animal is aggressive towards Muggles (ignoring the fact that there aren't any in the Hogwarts vicinty). Then she might have to either get rid of the animal, or just obtain a license.

    And why did the professor have to keep the Crup secret? Why didn't she just turn it in to the Ministry?

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    I think you're right about it being too dramatic; I'm thinking that the professor is very young mid-twenties at most, and quite fond of her brother's crup and didn't want it taken away. Since she was going to Hogwarts, she didn't have any place to keep the crup while she was gone, but I doubt the school would let her keep it there...So she hid it in the forest while she tried to figure out what to do.
    Still, not really a big deal. Thanks for the help!

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