MNFF is a diverse community. We have users from around the globe, with a whole slew of religions and moral compasses. MNFF is just chocked full of ideas. We're all so different. Those differences are a wonderful thing. They make this community rich.

The reason we can all exist together peacefully and be so different is the concept of tolerance.

I am a Harry/Luna shipper and a happy one (though I'm in the minority in this community). That's because you all tolerate my odd joy in that pairing and calmly go about with your own ideas. While there is the occasional shipping discussion, those are held in good spirit and based on logic (for the most part).

Very rarely there is a problem where a minority group is treated with less than tolerance. And that is not acceptable. The moderators have seen a trend recently of posts that treat the concept of slash with a disrespectful, potentially hurtful tone.

No one is required to like slash or to condone same-sex relationships. To be an active member of these boards, you are expected to tolerate others' viewpoints, and behave with basic courtesy and respect in all your posts.

If you have any questions about MNFF's policy of tolerance, respect, and courtesy, please contact a moderator via PM, or feel free to state your questions in the questions forum.