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Thread: Hippocrates' Libary - What Can Be Found Here

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    Hippocrates' Libary - What Can Be Found Here

    This forum will hold a collection of characterisation-related essays, as well as locked discussions and old challenges from the Madam Pomfrey's subforums.

    I hope to add some kind of masterlist for challenges, discussions and essays in this post, at some point, to better assist you while browsing the tomes

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    still to be sifted through

    Discussions – Part One
    - Everyone Loves OC’s
    - Names
    - Canon Characterisation
    - Characterisation in Movies vs. Books
    - A Different Generation
    - Not The Usual Characterisation
    - IC versus OOC

    Discussions – Part Two
    - Book Seven Characterisation
    - Male versus Female

    Character Studies

    - Kingsley Shacklebolt

    - Narcissa Malfoy

    Remarkable Characters

    Into this category fall those original character threads that have reached 150 posts. This feat alone is a remarkable achievement.

    Dieter Heydrich by Tim the Enchanter


    - I <3 OC’s

    - The Character Monologue

    - The Character Clinic Triathlon

    Character Gymnasium

    The Character Gymnasium is a series of drabble challenges in which the authors write their original characters through various tasks to get to know their characters, especially how they would react in difficult situations.

    Challenges 1 to 10

    Challenge One: First Impressions

    Winner — Mistletoe’s Lucy Bliss
    Runner-ups — ArcherCheer14’s Asta Harrison-Lovegood and MorganRay’s Marcus Malfoy

    Challenge Two: Confrontation

    Winner — Hufflepuff_at_heart’s Beth Williams
    Runner-ups — coolh5000’s Charlotte Pearson and Evester’s Dandin Walcott

    Challenge Three: Resolution

    Winner — luinrina’s Savaric Orwell
    Runner-ups — Azhure’s Cassandra Deakin and Evester’s Dandin Walcott

    Challenge Four: Solving a Mystery

    Winner — mudbloodproud’s Skylar
    Runner-ups — leahsm2’s Addison Pidge and Enneirda’s Artemis Nyxlin

    Challenge Five: Sport and Leisure (Character Swap)

    Winner — Starkllr with Johnny Wolfbane
    Runner-ups — Tim the Enchanter with Nate Rivers and JOHN91043353 with Claire DeRush

    Challenge Six: Resurrection

    Winner — Merlynne’s Meleia Varias
    Runner-ups — Enneirda’s "Chaos" Earle and Inverarity’s Alexandra Quick

    Challenge Seven: Valentine’s Day

    Winner — Sly Severus’ Elysia Malfoy
    Runner-up — Ginny Weasley Potter’ Chris Stevens

    Challenge Eight: The Quest

    Winners — inspirations’ Carrie Langford, Tim the Enchanter’s Dieter Heydrich and Equinox Chick’s Martha Macdonald

    Challenge Nine: Oh My Godness!

    Winner — Tim the Enchanter’s Dieter Heydrich
    Runner-up — Equinox Chick’s Martha Macdonald

    Challenge Ten: Accidents Happen

    Winner — Ginny Weasley Potter’s Chris Stevens
    Runner-up — Tim the Enchanter’s Dieter Heydrich
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