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Thread: Black Family in 1979?

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    Black Family in 1979?

    Just wondering if there has ever been anything mentioned about how Regulus, his father Orion, and his uncle Cygnus all died in 1979. I was thinking I could come up with a nice conspiracy theory other wise, and it would create something nice for my story.

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    Regulus went with Kreacher to the cave where Voldemort hid one of the Horcruxes. He died when he drank the water that was in the basin where the Horcrux was in - just like Dumbledore. But he didn't have anyone with him who could help him out there. Kreacher tells about Regulus' death in Deathly Hallows when Ron, Harry and Hermione are at Grimmauld Place after Bill and Fleur's wedding.

    How Orion and Cygnus died is never told. You can come up with a nice conspiracy.
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    It wasn't water Reg drank, it was a potion; he had to have Kreacher feed it to him, I believe, though I'm not positive. I'm like 95% sure Kreacher fed it to him, as he couldn't have done it alone; even Dumbledore couldn't. I think the reason Reg died, though, is that Kreacher couldn't do anything or get him anywhere in time. I don't have the books with me, otherwise I would check to be sure, but that is what I remember. Like Bine said, he died thinking that he had killed Voldy's only Horcrux, Slytherin's locket, and Kreacher was the only one who knew about it.

    You could, however, come up with some sort of conspiracy for Orion and Cygus. They were exactly the same age as well (both born in 1929) so you could do something with that, I think. Keep in mind, though, that I'm pretty sure the older Blacks were never actually Death Eaters, as Sirius told Harry in OotP that his parents approved of what Voldy was doing but never physically got involved.
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    Regulus died because, like Dumbledore, the potion made him desperate for water and so he drank from the lake and was pulled under by the Inferius. Not exactly the most pleasant of ways to die :s

    But yes, that was just to add to what Bine and Nikki have said. With the other two feel free to go wild with your conspiracy theories!

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    thank you. well, i was aware of the whole regulus part, i had gone back to read it. but i just wanted to make sure that no interviews have been done or anything that connected the other two deaths to it. i'm thinking that i might have my regulus have told his father what he knew (i always have orion the one who cares about the family, is more compassionate) and had gone to get revenge or something of that sort. cygnus, well, i dont know yet. ill think of something.

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