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Thread: System of ranking favorite stories

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    System of ranking favorite stories

    I think that members on the archives should have a system of ranking their favorite stories, so that when one they really like gets updated or they just want to read it again, it's right there for them.

    Personally, I don't have very many favorited stories, but I know of people who have hundreds. It must be extremely hard to sort through all of those fanfics to find the one you're really looking for.

    I hope that some other people agree with me and reassure me that I'm not crazy.


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    I agree...

    I think you are right- I personally have about 30, but I know that sometimes I forget the title of one that I wanted to show a friend, or I just have 5 minutes to check if they have been updated with, and loading the pages takes forever!

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    I'm not sure how relevant this is to what you're talking about, but there's an option on your account information that says something like "email me when one of my favorites is updated." If you choose this option, every time a new chapter is validated, you get an email, which has a link to the new chapter. I don't know how many favorites you would have to have to make this obnoxious. I personally have around twenty favorite stories, and of those twenty, about half are finished and only one or two are being updated regularly. So I feel like for most people having issues keeping track of updates, it wouldn't be *that* much of a pain to get emails about your favorites being updated.

    So the point of that rambling was, maybe it's just easier for people to use the existing options than for the mods to implement a whole new system. But yeah, I'm not a mod, so I'm really not sure.

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    I'm very sorry but there is simply no way we would be able to implement a system for ranking favourites.

    The archives are a pre-designed system called efiction and we can only use the features they offer. We advertised for a coder when we did our last staff hire but we received only one response and that eventually fell through. Without a knowledgable coder on staff, we have no way of adding new advanced features such as this.

    ~ Roxy

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