I have a few questions and am in need of opinions.

First off, I'm contemplating writing a series of one-shots, all based on Harry and Ron during their careers as Aurors. Other than a few random story-lines I have so far, that's about all I can tell you. What I need to know is how this particular department... works.

Comparing Hit Wizards and Aurors:

These two positions seem to be the highest level of "Officers" in the Department, though I can't see much of a different between them. The Lexicon states:

The Hit Wizards are not the same as Aurors. Hit Wizards, it would seem, are sent primarily against criminals while Aurors track down and capture Dark Wizards.
So, the only difference between the people they [Aurors and HWs] go after are levels of... danger, apparently. What do you think the dividing factor is? What constitutes a "Dark Wizard"? Obviously, the Death Eaters are the primary Dark Wizards, but would there really be that much work for an Auror after DH, if the Hit Wizards are there to catch everyone else?

These two... careers, for lack of a better word, are the only ones mentioned as far as finding criminals are concerned. Why this troubles me (and why all this is so incomprehensible so far ) is because they both are classed as finding the most dangerous wizards, but there is no other department which handles petty crimes (crimes not of a magic nature, but of a human nature. Breaking and Entering, Robbery, Grand Theft... Broom. You get it...). So there are two levels for heinous crimes, but no other level for everything below that.

So, knowing that Hit Wizards and Aurors are the main positions that handle crime, do you think that they often work together? Maybe Hit Wizards are people who weren't good enough to become an Auror? Maybe HWs are equivalent to uniforms in our world, and Aurors detectives?

I'm not sure how comprehensible any of that is, so if you'd just share your opinion? Anything that might help me understand the workings of this aspect of the department will be superawesome.

And a few more questions that the Lexicon doesn't answer and that I'm too lazy to look up in the books:

Who took over the Department of Magical Law Enforcement? It was Amelia Bones for a while, but I can't remember who after that.

An embarrassing question that I should know: Who was the MoM after DH?

How many Aurors total do you think there are at a time? Do you think there would be less of them after DH, as Voldemort and the Death Eaters weren't a threat?

How many do you think would be plausible for being on the HW team? Do you think that there are separate units within this group of people, like there are in our world? As in Special Victims, Homicide, Gang, Drug Task Force, etc.?

Any opinions or help would be very appreciated. Thank you.