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Thread: Hogwarts during the summer

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    Hogwarts during the summer

    In my new fic, Professor McGonagall arrives at Hogwarts during the middle of August. I want to know what you think- is it feasible that teachers would arrive that early? Also, what do you think that Hogwarts is like during the summer? Is it totally empty, or do some people stay all year? What do portraits/statues/house-elves/etc. do when the students are gone?

    I'd really love some help with this! Thanks.

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    I think it is feasible for a teacher to arrive in Hogwarts while it is still the Summer holidays, especially one with as many duties and repsonsiblities as McGonagall. She probably needs a couple of weeks before the pupils get there to get herself sorted. It could be that some teachers simply stay in the castle all year round rather than having to maintain another home that they will only use for a few months of the year. Nothing has ever been said in canon and you could justify it to be as you wanted.

    I imagine that in the holidays the house elves would stay at Hogwarts and continue to do their jobs - a castle that big must need constant cleaning. Also as they are magically bound to the school, it's hard to know where else they might go, except those who are in the paid employment of the school. As for the portraits, I'm sure they find enough to keep themselves entertained by talking to each other.

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    I don't think students would be allowed to stay resident at Hogwarts. Wasn't there something in Deathly Hallows (or maybe HBP) about Riddle asking to stay there all year, and Dumbledore refusing him? Hmm... Must go check.

    As for the teachers, I've always imagined that they lived there. As was said above me, there really isn't a point to keeping up another house when you'd only be there for a few months. But on the other hand, some teachers might get tired of living in the castle. So maybe it's a choice? Some might take on room and board, others might leave.

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    Yeah there is a part in HBP about that. I think it's in one of the memories... hmmm Otherwise wouldn't Harry have taken up the offer straight away? (apart from the whole protective spell thing... but yeah you get my point...)

    I assume there is a choice as to techers taying there. I mean, look at Snape, he has his own house and was there during the holidays in HBP. To be honest I can't imagine Snape would want to stick around at Hogwarts for as long as he had to. On the other hand Trelawney says in OOTP that Hogwarts is her home. So supposedly she doesn't live anywhere else as she seems to have everything with her and looks to be quite worried that she won't have anywhere else to go. I think it would be how the other teachers feel about Hogwarts or if they have anywhere else to go or yeah, if they get fed up and want a change of scenery...

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    I don't think Dumbledore would let Trelawney leave, certainly not once Voldemort has returned in GoF.

    I think you have a good case for saying that the staff can come and go as they please.I imagine that Dumbledore lives there. I hadn't thought about Snape being at Spinners End, but I don't think he lived there during the holidays, because he hated his childhood home. In HBP he's resumed his spy role, so would use his house as a base, but he was always happiest at Hogwarts (as were Harry and Voldemort).


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    It's actually in CoS we see Riddle asking Dippet if he can stay over the summer.

    I think maybe a few teachers stay over during the summer like Trelawny, but always have the choice to "go home" if they want to. I always got the impression that Snape hated teaching (or teaching potions at any rate), and probably ended up hating Hogwarts, so he would have been quite eager to go home during the summer.

    I think also they could come to the school early, but that's not always the case - because Remus actually came on the train along with all the students, so I think it's really up to the indivdual personalities.


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