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Thread: Compiling All the FAQs Into One FAQ

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    Compiling All the FAQs Into One FAQ

    I have a small, slightly insignificant suggestion. The FAQ that's liinked in the... link-bar-thing at the top of the page only leads to the technical q&a's, while the rest of the many various FAQs are spread out around the forums, in their respective sub-forums. While it makes sense that the specific rules for each sub-forum would go in that sub-forum, it would be a lot easier--and less confusing for new members--if everything were in one, easy to find page. To be honest, it was just last week that I found the general FAQ (I always searched for MauraderbyMidnight, then followed the link through her signature ). I know I'm particularly slow, but it's a little inconvenient (not to sound too whiny! ) to have to scramble around looking for the answers I need when there's a pretty little easy link right there at the top.

    I know there are a lot of pain-in-the-arse complications with compiling everything into the board's FAQ. Only Admins can edit it, therefore making updates take longer (if the Admins are as busy here as they are on other forums); people can't see through the New Posts link when it's been updated; simply compiling, organizing, etc. would be a big pain, and... Yeah. So I know I'm making a pain-in-the-arse suggestion, but I'd be more than happy to go around each forum and put everything into one big Word doc to make it easier.


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    Good idee!! Would certainly make everything A LOT less confusing.

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