In a parliamentary system like Britain's, the Prime Minister is simply selected by the majority party, or a majority party coalition. And the people who determine the majority party are the electorate - the masses of plebs, to put it simply.

However, though the Ministry of Magic seems to have some nominal similarities to Britain's system of government, what is not clear is how the Minister for Magic is determined, or who votes (if at all), or even if anybody in the wizarding world has any political voice at all.

So, how does the political process in Magical Britain work? I have a theory that it is the Wizengamot that decides who the Minister for Magic would be. Somebody nominates a candidate, another person nominates another person in opposition, and once all the candidates are sorted out, the Wizengamot votes by a simple show of hands. And if the Wizengamot decides that the Minister for Magic isn't doing his job properly, then they vote to get rid of him (like Fudge) and replace him with a new person (like Scrimgeour).

Does my theory make sense? Does anyone have any alternative suggestions as to how the Minister for Magic is selected?

Tim the Enchanter