After reading through four different threads (and I do mean four complete threads of 8 pgs. each) of "Ask a Moderator" and not finding the answer to my question, I thought I would ask it to see if there was an answer.

I am currently writing a post-Hogwarts fic that follows all of the books except for the epilogue. Is this technically non-canon? If so, would it automatically be rejected for non canon? My only for asking this is that I had written a fic after OotP came out and submitted my first chapter just after HBP came out (I tend to write the entire story before submitting chapters). I had listed that the story was AU after OotP, but it was rejected for being non-canon. I just wanted clarification of whether a story that featured a different plotline to the epilogue would be acceptable for submission before I bother mods with a chapter.

I am not sure who I should ask about this, but I figure I might as well ask here.
Thanks, mods!